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How many children were born to immigrants, tourists and illegal immigrants in the USA

One of the most obvious and lasting consequences of immigration is the birth of children. After the immigrants themselves, their descendants will continue to shape the political, economic and cultural life of the society that adopted them. Therefore, studying immigrant birth statistics is one powerful way to measure the scale of immigration and its impact on America.

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Since the United States automatically gives citizenship to all persons born in the country, including children of temporary visitors of various kinds (for example, tourists), as well as children of illegal immigrants, the vast majority of these newborns will remain in the United States in the future, writes US Immigration Research Center.

This analysis examines the statistics on the birth of children in immigrants based on the American Community Study (ACS) of the US Census Bureau. The picture of birth rate among immigrant mothers, including their demographic characteristics, is taken into account. These data allow us to estimate the likely number of children born among illegal immigrants at the national level, as well as by states and large metropolitan areas of the US states.

On this link You can find the complete Google Docs file with birth statistics among immigrants in each state with data on insured and uninsured women.

National picture

In 2014, one in five children (791) in the United States were born to an immigrant mother (legal or otherwise). More precisely, legal immigrants accounted for 12,4% (494 thousand) of all births, and illegal immigrants accounted for 7,5% (297 thousand).

The 297 illegal immigrant births per year is more than the total number of births in every state except California and Texas. It's also more than the total number of births in 16 states plus the District of Columbia combined.

The estimated 28 of thousands of newborns among illegal migrants in the Los Angeles metropolitan area alone are more than the total number of births in the 14 states and in the District of Columbia.

Among the native-born population in the United States, a large proportion of mothers of newborns (42%) are either uninsured or on Medicaid. This rate is even higher among new legal immigrant mothers (47%) and much higher for illegal immigrants (67%). Almost all of these births are likely paid for by taxpayers.

Of all such women giving birth, approximately one in four (429 thousand) were immigrants, legal or not. Illegal immigrants account for 11% (198 thousand) of all government-funded births, and legal immigrants account for another 13% (231 thousand).

It is estimated that the cost that US taxpayers paid for bringing children of legal and illegal immigrants into the world is about 5,3 billion dollars, of which 2,4 billion is for giving birth to mothers who are illegally in the USA.

Although immigration significantly increases the number of births, it raises the total birth rate of a nation by only 4%, in part because the birth rate of immigrants is not much higher than that of local residents.


In California, New Jersey and New York, about a third of births are to immigrant mothers. In the states of Massachusetts, Nevada, Florida, Texas, Hawaii, Maryland and Washington, a quarter of all newborns are children of immigrants. In Virginia, Connecticut, Illinois, Arizona, Rhode Island and Oregon, they account for a fifth of births.

The states with the largest number of illegal immigrant births are California (65 thousand), Texas (51 thousand), Florida (16 thousand), Illinois (14 thousand), Georgia (13 thousand), New York (12 thousand) Jersey and North Carolina with 11 thousands of people in each state.

The state where the most children are born to illegal immigrants is Nevada, with almost one in six newborns. One in seven births are to undocumented immigrants in California and Texas.

In North Carolina, Texas and Georgia, taxpayers paid for about three-quarters of undocumented births. In California, Florida and New York, such births accounted for two-thirds of all births. In Illinois and New Jersey - more than half.

Metropolitan areas of the United States

Among the world's largest metropolitan areas, immigrant births—both legal and otherwise—make up half or nearly half of births in Miami, San Francisco, and San Jose, California, and two in five births in Los Angeles and the New York area. -York, one of three genera in the Washington, D.C., Houston, San Diego, Seattle, Boston, and Las Vegas metropolitan areas.

Illegal immigrants give birth to every seventh child in areas of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Jose, Dallas and Houston. As a rule, between two-thirds and three-quarters of these births are paid by taxpayers.

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