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Personal experience: mothers from Kazakhstan told about childbirth in the USA

Abroad, the medical staff does not wear white coats - they prefer costumes in the style of Scrubs, sometimes with color drawings. Immediately after giving birth, women in America are allowed to drink soda, eat crackers and chocolate. On the peculiarities of birth in the United States project The Village told Kazakhstani girls.

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Aidana Omarov, 24,
gave birth in Miami, Florida

My spouse and I live in Almaty, during pregnancy we decided that I will give birth in Miami. Such a desire arose for several reasons. First, the baby will receive American citizenship at birth. Secondly, we want our child to get an education here in the future. And thirdly, medicine in the USA is at a very high level.


About preparing for a trip to the USA

We prepared for the trip before pregnancy. Began to save money, decide working moments. We did not have anyone to ask for advice, since there were no women among those who gave birth in America. Therefore, all the information found themselves. Now it has become fashionable to give birth abroad, so we easily found an agency that deals with these issues. We bought a ready-made package of services from them. There were no particular difficulties in obtaining a visa, because before leaving for the United States, our family often flew around the world, and we had a good visa history. We showed an invitation to give birth and a document confirming our ability to pay. I want to advise those who are going to fly to give birth in the United States, speak only the truth during the interview and not provide fake certificates. Then with the issuance of a visa you will have no problems.

About the cost of delivery

Expenses in Miami, if you count accommodation, medical care, transportation, medicines, are very large. And finding an apartment after arrival is not as easy as it seems, there are laws. In the peak season, this is almost impossible to do. In addition, Americans prefer to rent housing for at least a year. We came only to give birth. So, talk about the costs that you incur if you go directly. One month of living in a one-room apartment - from 2 500 dollars, you also pay a deposit of thousands of dollars and more, utilities - about 100-200 dollars per month, and 100 dollars are usually taken for cleaning. Natural births cost around 9 000 – 10 000 dollars. Caesarean section - a little more expensive. Standard contract for delivery with a doctor of the highest category - from 4 500 dollars. Analyzes - each reception for 200 dollars. Ultrasound - 250 – 300 dollars. Standard package "hospital + epidural anesthesia + pediatrician" = 5 500 dollars. The package of services, including paperwork, will cost about 5 000 dollars.

Expenses in Miami, if you count accommodation, medical care, transportation, medicines, are very large.

We decided to use the services of the agency, it was much more profitable to cooperate with it. The package cost us 19 900 dollars. This cost includes everything: from paperwork for arrival at the birth in the United States and meeting at the airport and ending with the registration of a passport for a newborn. In general, the list of services is very large. The agency assumes all obligations for the period while you are in the United States. This price includes a two-month stay. For additional expenses: we rented a car - 600 dollars per month, spent on air tickets - 500 000 tenge, bought products (100 – 200 dollars a week) and children's things.


About childbirth

I was giving birth at the Jackson clinic. When the time came, I first checked the condition, listened to the heart of the baby, then put it in the delivery room. After giving birth, I was in the clinic for three days. I have the best memories of the doctors. Both doctors and nurses were very friendly to me, it helped to keep calm. Every three to four minutes, I was visited by various specialists: nurses, pediatricians, breast doctors. I noticed that in each chamber there are devices that read the heartbeat and contractions of the woman in labor. There is also a button to call the nurses. By the way, they are always very smiling, they taught how to treat a baby, bathe and feed. Moms had three meals a day: first and second courses, as well as juices, sweets and fruits. Basically, they gave vegetables and meat, steamed. For breakfast - oatmeal and omelets. By the way, everyone can enter the ward. My husband was with me from beginning to end - there is an extra bed for partners in the ward in the ward.

About unforeseen situations

We had no difficult moments. But here we met a couple from Kazakhstan. Births alone cost them 40 000 dollars, and this is because they paid after delivery, not before. Therefore, I recommend carefully reading all contracts. Now we are still in Miami, but as soon as the baby is forty days old, we will return to Kazakhstan.

Ayzhan Kozhatayeva, 35 years,
lives in Fort Lewis, Washington, USA


We moved to America from Kazakhstan 3,5 a year ago on the Green Card Lottery. I gave birth to my second child already there, at the Madigan Army Medical Center clinic in the city of Fort Lewis.

About preparing for childbirth

To get registered, you need to have medical insurance. And if not, then you can contact the appropriate social services for help. The state covers the costs of women in labor and children through low-income programs funded by individual states or the government. But this, of course, applies only to those who hold an American passport or residence permit. Registration put from the moment, as soon as your test results confirm pregnancy. Further, on the 30 – 32 week you choose a hospital where you will give birth, and register there. You may also be asked to complete and prepare a delivery plan (usually a completed questionnaire) and provide the hospital with a medical power of attorney in which you specify who can make decisions about medical procedures for you in the event of an emergency.

About the cost

Medicine in the United States - mostly paid and insurance. The cost of delivery may vary depending on your insurance, state and individual case. I'll tell you for those who have a green card. If there is insurance, the birth itself will be inexpensive within 200 dollars. If there is no insurance, the delivery will cost approximately 8 000 – 10 000 dollars, and the cost of medical consultation is 100 – 200 dollars. Different types of insurance cover a different quantity and quality of medical services. My spouse serves in the US Army, and the state covers me with 100% medical insurance. We did not have to pay a penny.

About childbirth

As a rule, in the USA there are no specialized maternity hospitals. Deliveries take place in the maternity wards of ordinary hospitals. In my case, it was a military hospital. I was in the hospital a little more than a day. If this is the first birth without complications, you are discharged after 48 hours. After 24 hours at the second and subsequent birth. There were seven people with me in the ward - an obstetrician, an anesthesiologist, a neonatologist, two midwives and a nurse, as well as a spouse.

After the birth, the neonatologist and the midwife were with me and the baby for the first two hours, who were monitoring our condition: they checked the temperature, blood pressure and oxygen level. Also, the child was immediately vaccinated against hepatitis B and vitamin K. Before each procedure, they explain to you what they are going to do, and ask if you agree with certain actions regarding you or your child.

For security reasons, a special sensor was attached to his leg, which alerts the medical staff if the baby is carried outside a certain radius in the hospital.


About hospital

For patients on beds there are buttons for calling medical staff if necessary. In each chamber there is a TV, a sofa for visitors. Relatives and friends can visit you at any time, and your spouse or another family member can stay with you for the night. There is a separate shower room with toilet. Everything you need: a change of clothes for you and the child, hygiene products, bedding for the accompanying person - you will be provided in the hospital. They feed three times a day - you can choose a dish and desserts in advance from the menu, they will bring you all to the ward. The food is no different from the one served in a regular cafe: you want soda, chocolate or fruit - please! Before discharge, conduct a thorough examination of the child: a blood test, cardiotest.

The food is no different from the one served in a regular cafe: you want soda, chocolate or fruit - please!

During the day that we were in the hospital, we were visited by an obstetrician-gynecologist, a neonatologist, a pediatrician, and a breastfeeding consultant. In the US, they pay great attention to the psychological state of women in labor and try to provide timely assistance for postpartum depression, therefore, if you need a psychologist, they will also provide it. In the hospital, you can immediately fill out and submit an application for documents for the child - birth certificate, IIN and insurance.

About non-residents

Women from Kazakhstan often come to the United States to give birth. I know many, we correspond with them, communicate. In principle, anyone can come here with a tourist visa. In America there is even a concept of "maternity" tourism. The main thing is to get a visa. The rest depends on your funds - you can organize everything yourself or use the services of special agencies that will arrange everything and prompt, including about obtaining US citizenship for a child.

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