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Six Countries Where You Can Buy Citizenship Cheaply and Get Big Benefits

Obtaining alternative citizenship has never been more relevant than now. People all over the world are realizing the benefits of holding multiple passports. The search for the cheapest passports is becoming more active, reports AdamFayed.

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This surge of interest is not just a passing trend. People yearn for greater mobility and freedom. Acquiring one of the cheapest passports can be a game changer.

It's not just about travel. It's about access to better healthcare, education and business opportunities. Moreover, in the face of growing geopolitical uncertainty, having an alternative citizenship acts as an insurance policy, offering a plan B in case things go wrong in your home country.

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Speaking of the cheapest passports, we mean citizenship by investment programs. These programs allow people to obtain a passport by making a significant financial contribution to the host country. It could be a donation, buying a property or investing in a business. On the other hand, a residence permit by investment requires people to have lived in the country for a certain period before they can apply for citizenship.

Purchasing a passport through citizenship by investment is completely legal. Most countries process applications within 3-6 months, making the dual citizenship process a breeze.

Benefits of having multiple passports:

  • Visa-free access. One of the main reasons people look for the cheapest passports is the privilege of visa free access or visa on arrival to many countries. This simplifies travel and opens doors to countries that would otherwise be hard to get to.
  • tax incentives. Some countries with the cheapest passports offer attractive tax regimes for new citizens, especially if they are not resident in the country. This can lead to significant savings and efficient asset management.
  • Safety and security. In an era of unpredictable political and economic times, having multiple passports provides an exit strategy. If one country is facing unrest, the opportunity to move to another can be invaluable.
  • Business opportunities. Many of the countries that offer the cheapest passports are also hubs for business and investment opportunities. New citizens can enter these markets, strengthening global connections and expanding their businesses.

It is worth emphasizing that speaking of the “cheapest passports”, we mean the most affordable citizenship programs by investment. Here are the top contenders for 2023:

1. Antigua and Barbuda

Pearl of the Caribbean. When looking for the cheapest passports, Antigua and Barbuda is an attractive option. A $100 donation to the National Development Fund (NDF) opens the door to citizenship in this idyllic Caribbean destination.

Alternatively, for those interested in real estate, an initial investment of $200 offers another path to citizenship.

Investment options and costs

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program provides flexibility in investment choices. A $100 NDF donation contributes to the country's sustainable development projects.

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This option is an attractive choice for socially conscious investors. On the other hand, the real estate option allows applicants to invest in approved real estate projects starting at $200.


Acquiring one of the cheapest Antigua and Barbuda passports gives you visa-free access to many countries. With this passport, people can travel to over 165 destinations without the need for a visa, making it an excellent choice for frequent travelers and business professionals.

Application process and deadlines

Typically, the review time is three to four months, allowing for a quick transition to alternative citizenship.

2. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis introduced its citizenship by investment program in 1984, making it one of the groundbreaking options for those looking for the cheapest passport.

A donation of $250 or a real estate investment of $000 opens the door to St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship.

Investment options and costs

Saint Kitts and Nevis offers a path to citizenship based on donations and real estate. A $250 donation to the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) supports national development projects.

Alternatively, investing a minimum of $400 in approved real estate projects provides an additional opportunity to obtain citizenship.


St. Kitts and Nevis has maintained a strong reputation as one of the first to embrace the concept of citizenship by investment. Its longstanding program and commitment to due diligence contribute to building confidence in the citizenship process.

Citizens of Saint Kitts and Nevis have visa-free access to a wide range of countries, making it an attractive choice for those looking to explore the world without a visa. The passport provides entry to over 156 destinations, enhancing global mobility.

Application process and deadlines

Saint Kitts and Nevis offers efficient processing of applications for the purchase of the cheapest passports. The period for obtaining citizenship is approximately three to four months, which allows applicants to obtain alternative citizenship relatively quickly.

3. Vanuatu

Located in the charming South Pacific, Vanuatu is becoming a beacon of opportunity for those looking for the cheapest passports. This island nation has simplified the process of obtaining citizenship and made a tempting offer to investors from all over the world.

Investment options and costs

Vanuatu offers two main routes to citizenship through its Development Support Program (DSP). The first path involves donating $130 to the DSP as an investment in the growth and development of the country.

Alternatively, you can choose to invest in real estate worth $200 or more, which will contribute to Vanuatu's growing real estate sector.


In addition to the attractiveness of a cheap passport, Vanuatu beckons with its heavenly landscapes. Pristine beaches, azure waters and a rich cultural heritage make for the perfect setting for a relaxing holiday. This gem of the South Pacific offers an idyllic getaway from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

Application process and deadlines

Vanuatu's attractiveness is enhanced by accelerated processing times. Within a few months, investors will be able to go through the application process and receive a passport that enhances global mobility.

4. Grenada

On the sun-drenched shores of the Caribbean, Grenada is the cornerstone of the cheapest passports. This picturesque island nation warmly embraces investors with an attractive citizenship by investment program that promises a gateway to paradise and global opportunity.

Investment options and costs

Grenada's citizenship by investment program is a testament to its commitment to stimulating economic growth. Investors can obtain Grenada citizenship by donating $150 to the National Transformation Fund.

And real estate investment opportunities starting at $200 provide a passport and investment in Grenada's thriving real estate sector.


Grenada's appeal goes beyond its status as one of the cheapest passports. Grenada is a vibrant Caribbean community characterized by cultural richness and warm hospitality.

In addition, the Grenada passport grants access to many visa-free destinations around the world, enhancing the appeal of global research and business opportunities.

Application process and deadlines

Grenada's citizenship by investment program boasts a well-structured application process that facilitates a smooth transition to citizenship.

With efficiency in mind, the country's authorities guide investors through the necessary steps, ensuring that the process of obtaining a Grenada passport is clear and professional.

5. Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia has unlimited possibilities for those who are looking for the cheapest passports. With a direct approach to citizenship by investment, this Caribbean country offers a viable option for people looking to buy a passport.

Investment options and costs

The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program offers two main streams: donation to the National Economic Fund or investment in real estate. For those who choose to donate, the $100 donation opens the door to obtaining a St. Lucia passport.

An investment in approved real estate projects worth at least $200 also grants coveted citizenship.


Holding one of the cheapest St. Lucia passports opens up a world of travel opportunities. With visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 140 countries, passport holders can easily move across international borders. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, this passport makes traveling easy.

Application process and deadlines

It takes several months from submission of documents to obtaining a passport. This efficiency makes Saint Lucia an attractive choice for those seeking fast access to dual citizenship.

6. Dominica

Known for its lush scenery and natural beauty, Dominica is also a tempting option for those looking for the cheapest passports. The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program offers flexibility in investment opportunities.

Investment options and costs

A donation of $100 to the Economic Diversification Fund or investments in government-approved real estate projects of $000 or more open the way to becoming a citizen.


One of the cheapest passports opens the door for visa-free travel to over 140 countries and territories. This freedom to travel gives people the opportunity to explore new horizons without the restrictions associated with visas.

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Application process and deadlines

The process of obtaining a Dominica passport is simple and efficient. The application period is usually between three and six months, offering a relatively fast route to dual citizenship.


When acquiring the cheapest passports, the process must be approached with caution as there are potential pitfalls and risks associated with such an effort.

Fraud and fraudulent schemes

Unfortunately, the growing demand for the cheapest passports has increased the spread of scams and fraudulent schemes.

Unscrupulous individuals and entities often take advantage of the urgency and desire to obtain alternative citizenship by offering fake programs promising quick and easy access to these passports. Such scams can lead to financial loss, identity theft, and legal complications.

To protect yourself from such scams, exercise extreme vigilance when dealing with agencies or organizations that claim to provide access to the program. Always check the legitimacy of the program by researching the official website of the government of the country offering citizenship.

Political risks and policy changes

Political instability, a change of government, or changes in diplomatic relations can affect the benefits of obtaining alternative citizenship. Therefore, staying up to date with the current political situation in the country you are considering is of paramount importance.

Be prepared for the fact that political changes may change the privileges and benefits associated with a passport.

Economic downturns affecting your investments

For those who buy the cheapest passports through real estate or business investment, the economic stability of the host country is a vital factor to consider.

Economic downturns, financial crises, or periods of recession can significantly impact the value of your investment, potentially leading to financial losses. Conduct a thorough check on the economic health and stability of the country offering citizenship.

Reputational risks

Holding a passport from a particular country can affect your reputation and credibility, especially if that country is associated with political controversy, human rights issues, or financial irregularities.

Study the country's international position and reputation in various aspects, including human rights, business ethics and transparency.

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