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Damaged homes and beaches: Massive waves have been hitting California's coastal areas for days

Californians prepare for day three monstrous surf, which has already damaged numerous oceanfront homes. During the first surf on Dec. 28, about 20 beachgoers were swept away by a particularly powerful wave that crashed into a beach barrier in Ventura County. The publication told in more detail Daily Mail.

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On December 29, rescuers freed about 10 people from water captivity who “thought they could overcome the strong surf.”

Two beachgoers had to pull the lifeguard out of the water as he tried to get to shore.

Although the danger is expected to ease on December 30, waves hitting the Gulf of California could still reach 40 feet (12,1 m). And as the front moves south, expect waves of 25 feet (7,6 m).

Despite warnings, locals and surfers continue to flock to the piers to perform ill-conceived feats.

Lilly Baker, one of several surfers and spectators who came to Mavericks Beach in Northern California on December 28, where waves reached 40 feet (12,1 m).

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“It's just amazing that everyone can appreciate what the California coast has to offer,” the 23-year-old student said as jet skis zipped through the rough waters.

Andre Assadi, a 22-year-old software engineer from Auckland, marveled at the view of the region's iconic coastline from the region's cliffs.

“From the cliffs you can’t tell how big the waves are, but we saw a jet ski capsize and it was wild,” he admitted.

Eli Eccles, a 23-year-old student from Berkeley, noted that it was always on her “bucket list to go and see the Mavericks in person” to experience the “beauty” the beach had to offer.

“This has always been a dream,” she explained calmly, oblivious to the danger of the waves, which the people gathered on the beach watched through the drizzle and thick fog below.

“It’s amazing to be here today,” she added.

Similar warnings remain in place on December 30, but are unlikely to deter the countless spectators caught in the gripping surf.

Meanwhile, waves continue to crash against strategically placed sea barriers. They are strong enough to demolish parked cars.

Such structures in many cases block the path of rescuers.

But Californians are notoriously rebellious—especially when it comes to catching the perfect wave or simply witnessing one.

Footage showed them riding, swimming and even whale watching as Ventura rescuers pulled about 10 people from the surf.

“We know the waves look impressive and we understand why a lot of people want to come here,” Ventura Fire Capt. Brian McGrath explained after a rescue mission that left one of his squad members in need of help himself.

The National Weather Service in Los Angeles said that "beaches, piers, and vulnerable harbors should not be considered safe" for the weekend, when coastal areas of central and southern California will continue to experience waves.

McGrath said spectators are increasing the number of roadblocks, blocking the path of rescuers.

Flooding at a local hotel damaged every room on the building's first floor, just one example of the potential millions of dollars in damage caused by the storm, he said.

Beach homes and businesses in places like Hermosa, Manhattan and Palos Verdes were also hit by floodwaters that damaged city infrastructure.

Ventura County, part of Greater Los Angeles, was hit hardest, where the National Weather Service called the event "tremendous wave energy."

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The county, as well as beaches in Hermosa, Manhattan and Palos Verdes, will once again experience the most extreme surf on Dec. 30, with waves likely to peak again, officials said.

The danger of strong waves will continue on December 31.

However, residents of Northern California will not see such huge waves, while the population of central and southern areas will continue to suffer from extreme surf.

Although coastal flooding began in the morning, the largest waves will begin to appear after 15:00 on December 30th.

Residents in affected areas should be prepared for waves to reach 25 feet (7,6 m).

Surf warnings as well as coastal flood warnings will remain in effect throughout the weekend (December 30-31).

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