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Bizarre 'cave house' for sale in California for $599

If you have always dreamed of living in a grotto or being closer to nature, then a “cave house” was recently put up for sale in Indio (California) for $599. The publication told in more detail SF Gate.

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The home at 79153 Starlight Lane is an oasis with man-made rock formations adorning the entryway, living room and kitchen, as well as green planting nooks. There are also paintings of eagles on several walls, and the cave has a bar framed by man-made rock formations.

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"This is an absolutely quirky home," says agent Brendan Spring of Sotheby's International Realty.

The seller has experience creating cave-like interiors, having previously designed a hot springs hotel in Palm Springs and a jewelry store with stones designed to evoke the feel of a diamond mine, according to Spring.

The backyard is now demolished, but Spring said the owner wanted to build a pool surrounded by rock formations.

Popular social media account Zillow Gone Wild recently featured the house on Instagram, prompting various reactions from its followers.

The Sotheby's International Realty agent says there were many bidders for the house, but only one offer was rejected. The home is located on the grounds of the Bermuda Dunes Country Club and is currently the most affordable single-family property in the gated community, he said.

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“Even if you wanted to renovate, which costs money, it’s still the lowest price per square foot,” Spring noted. “I don’t know if anyone will want to leave everything inside as is, but it only takes one buyer with such a desire - and the cave house will retain its appearance.”

Indio is home to the eclectic Coachella music festival and Stagecoach country music festival, as well as rolling hills and lakeside homes.

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