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Moderna has filed documents for registration in the USA: the vaccine is 100% effective

Moderna has finalized a 94,1% success rate for its vaccine. preliminary assessment of efficiency was 94,5%... In his press release Moderna stated that the effectiveness against severe cases of the disease was 100%. The company said that it has already applied for registration of the drug in the United States. The edition told in more detail Hromadske.

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The third phase of the study involved 30 Americans, half of whom were given two doses of the vaccine 000 weeks apart. The other half were injected with a placebo.

Among all the participants, only 196 volunteers contracted COVID-19. Of these, 185 cases were from the placebo group and 11 cases from the vaccine group.

In particular, in the placebo group, 30 participants were recorded who experienced a severe course of the disease and one death. At the same time, there were no complications in any vaccinated volunteer. This means that the vaccine can be said to be 100% effective in preventing severe forms of the disease.

The vaccine has proven effective in a variety of age, gender, racial and ethnic groups, the company says. Among the 196 infected participants, 33 people were aged 65 and over, 42 participants were from various ethnic communities (Hispanics, blacks, Asians, etc.).

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Moderna filed documents for vaccine registration in the United States on November 30, whether the vaccine has been registered will become known on December 17.

The advantage of the Moderna vaccine is that it does not require storage at ultra-low temperatures. It does not deteriorate at a standard refrigerator temperature of -2-8 degrees Celsius.

Other vaccine developers

Pfizer and BioNTech announced their vaccine was 95% effective based on the results of the last, third stage of research. The biggest problem with her is the product requires storage at ultra-low temperatures (minus 70 degrees Celsius). At the same time, the companies say they have developed special dry ice containers to maintain the required temperature for 15 days.

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British vaccine AstraZeneca and Oxford University showed an average of 70% efficiency in the final tests. At the same time, the vaccine showed the maximum efficiency of 90% in people who received the first of the two vaccinations with a lower dosage of the drug. Experts have many questions about the effectiveness of the drug, so the developers decided to retest.

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