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Not the most famous, but beautiful: 6 waterfalls in Florida that few people know about

When you think of Florida, waterfalls are not the first thing that comes to mind. Few people know that they even exist in the Sunshine State. This is one of those hidden gems you can find when you venture beyond the beaches and theme parks. Fox35Orlando.

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Below are six places in Florida worth taking a day to see the magnificent waterfalls.

Falling Waters State Park

Tucked away in the city of Chipley in North Florida is Falling Waters State Park, which is home to the tallest waterfall in Florida. A boardwalk leads down to a platform where you can observe a cylindrical pit 30 m deep and 6 m wide, into which flows a small stream that falls from 22 m.

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The park is open from 8am to sunset 365 days a week and costs $5 per car to enter.

Rainbow springs

Rainbow Springs is home to three man-made waterfalls that are a must-see if you're heading to Dunnelon. You can enjoy the view from one of the nature trails and then spend the day swimming, snorkeling, tubing or doing other outdoor activities among the lush vegetation.

Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens

If you're after a peaceful setting, Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens at Delray Beach is the place to be. This authentic Japanese garden is one of the most impressive sights along with its artificial waterfalls. You will fully immerse yourself in Japanese culture and enjoy festivals and unique exhibitions throughout the year.

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Falling Creek Falls

One of Florida's little-known hidden gems is located north of Lake City. The boardwalk will take you to a waterfall described as "an impressive root beer cascade that falls 3m over a deep limestone ledge and flows over limestone boulders to the bottom of a ravine."

Devil's Millhopper Geological State Park

This self-proclaimed "geological wonderland" is a must see in Gainesville. A boardwalk amidst a breathtaking nature trail leads guests to a 152m wide and 36m deep drop where natural waterfalls tumble down the steep slopes of the limestone walls. This park has been a favorite place to visit since the 1880s.

Steinhatchee Falls

In Florida, not the highest waterfalls, but the widest! A scenic stop at Big Bend, Steinhatchee Falls consists of waters deeply carved into the coastal limestone shelf, forming a wide but shallow waterfall. Visitors can also explore the length of the trail or go fishing and canoeing among the scenic views.

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