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Mexico is preparing for possible American deportations

Photos: YouTube video frame

Photos: YouTube video frame

The Mexican government is working on a plan to combat possible mass deportations as part of the campaign of an elected president, Donald Trump, said a spokesman for the president of Mexico.

At a press conference on Monday, 14 in November, Eduardo Sánchez, a representative of the President of Mexico, Peña Nieto, told reporters that the deportation would be part of any agenda.

“We need to see how many of these deportations are typically carried out by the United States government in countries where illegal immigrants came from Mexico,” he said. “Of course, these and other issues will be part of the agenda that Mexico will voice during bilateral meetings with the administration of the new President Donald Trump.”

Earlier, in an interview with CBS, Donald Trump saidthat he wants to deport to 3 millions of illegal immigrants with a criminal background.

“What we are going to do is deport those with criminal records. People who are criminals, have a criminal history, are gang members, drug dealers. There could be 2 million of them, even 3 million, we will take them out of the country, or they will be imprisoned,” Trump said.

After that, according to him, they will be engaged in the rest of the migrants, but first they will secure the border.

Trump confirmed his intention to build a wall on the border of the United States and Mexico.

At the same time, Peña Nieto spoke on the phone with outgoing US President Barack Obama about progress in bilateral relations between the two countries, including economic growth, the fight against organized crime and migration.

Election of the President of the United States passed 8 November. According to popular vote, Clinton won - 60,1 million votes, but Trump was supported by more electors (290 against 228).

The electoral college will meet on December 19 for the formal election of the 45 president, and on January 6, Congress will approve its results. The inauguration of the new president is scheduled for January 20 2017.

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