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How much will America pay for the deportation of immigrants and the wall



At the start of his campaign in 2015, Trump announced that he was deporting 11 millions of illegal immigrants to the United States, creating a target group for this within the framework of immigration and customs legislation.

According to experts, what Trump conceived could end up costing America hundreds of billions of dollars. To implement the Trump plan, you need to hire thousands of new law enforcement officers. Critics of Trump's plan compare it at cost to making state police. These high costs can be negatively perceived by Americans.

Deportation costs

According to the results of work over the past few years, the Department of Immigration and Customs Control of Internal Security can deport about 400 thousands of people a year.

Trump also wants to deport 11 millions of illegal immigrants for 2 of the year. To do this, you must additionally hire:

  • more than 90 employees - about 000 times more than the NYPD;
  • 32 immigration lawyers to handle cases. For comparison, there are currently 000 lawyers;
  • Hundreds of thousands of extra places in prison, while immigrants are tried in court;
  • 17 000 charter flights;
  • 30 000 charter bus flights each year.

The total cost will range from $ 100 billion to $ 300 billion, according to a group of analysts.

Wall construction cost

Compared to mass deportations, Trump's proposal to build a wall along the Mexican border will be a bit cheaper.

Trump himself suggested that the cost would be around $ 10 billion, and Mexico itself would pay for this wall.

But the actual cost of such a price, according to The Washington Post, will be about $25 billion - regardless of who pays for it.

Election of the President of the United States passed 8 November. According to popular vote, Clinton won - 60,1 million votes, but Trump was supported by more electors (290 against 228).

The electoral college will meet on December 19 for the formal election of the 45 president, and on January 6, Congress will approve its results. The inauguration of the new president is scheduled for January 20 2017.

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