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Synagogue massacre and hostage-taking: terrorists attack the center of Vienna

Shooting took place in the center of Vienna near the synagogue on Seitenstetengasse, reports "RIA News" with reference to the newspaper Kronen Zeitung.

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The police confirmed to the publication that they are conducting a large-scale operation.

According to preliminary information, one policeman was seriously wounded as a result of the shooting. The attacker managed to escape, they are looking for him. The police cordoned off the area next to the synagogue, and the Rotensturmstrasse street was also blocked, the newspaper reported.

The Israeli religious community in Austria asked the believers not to leave their apartments.

Information about the shooting and cordoning off the territory was confirmed by one of the eyewitnesses, the newspaper Kleine Zeitung reports. According to the witness, he is in a pub, the police asked the guests of the establishment not to go outside.

Later, the Kronen Zeitung reported that the synagogue had an explosion: one of the intruders could have detonated an explosive belt. According to the newspaper, besides him there were other attackers who managed to escape. The Kleine Zeitung also writes that one of the attackers died.

Vienna police said on Twitter that there are several injured in the attack. She asked residents to refrain from visiting the specified area and from traveling by public transport, and also urged not to share photos or videos from the scene.

According to preliminary information, several locations in the Inner City were attacked in Vienna at once. Restaurants, synagogue and Jewish center. Austrian TV channel ORF gave information that shots were heard in the vicinity of the synagogue. The police in the Austrian capital confirm this information, writes ZN.

Information about new attacks followed. The Jewish cultural center and restaurants were attacked. There were probably several attackers. According to unconfirmed information, one participant in the terrorist attack blew himself up. 7 deaths are reported. The second suspect is wanted by the police.

Austrian TV channel OE24 reports that in parallel with the shooting in the center of Vienna, the criminals took hostage visitors to a restaurant in another area of ​​the city. This information has not yet been confirmed, writes "RIA News".

The attack in Vienna came amid a series of attacks in Europe. On October 29, three attacks took place in France. In Nice, a man attacked the parishioners of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, killing three people. In Avignon, an unknown person threatened passers-by and a policeman with a knife, and in Lyon, a man was arrested who was brandishing a knife at a tram stop. On October 31, an unknown person opened fire near an Orthodox Greek church in Lyon. The priest was wounded, he was hospitalized in serious condition.

On the subject: Terrorist attack in Nice: unknown attacked people with a knife, there are killed and wounded

Armed attacks have also occurred in Quebec, Canada. On October 29, a man with a knife went to a police car and rushed at the officers, the attacker was shot. Two days later, the police detained another intruder. He, armed with a knife, killed two people and wounded five more.

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