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The city in Florida has completely switched to solar energy: how does life live there

It is only natural that America's very first 100% solar-powered city is located in the warm state of Florida, as it is known as the Sunshine State. Babcock Ranch in Florida, where the first residents appeared in January 2018, is the ideal green community that your hippie heart has always dreamed of. Only In Your State.

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The eco-city has a whopping 650 solar panels that produce more energy than the city consumes!

Just a half-hour drive northeast of Fort Myers in Charlotte County, Babcock Ranch has set aside 50% of the city for parks, farmland, and lawns.

To reduce energy consumption, more than 19 residential lots are located right around the city center so that people can easily get to everything they might need.

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And yes, there are even self-driving electric shuttles that will take you around the city to your desired location when you are not using public bikes and electric vehicles.

In addition to restaurants with farm products in the city center, you will find a community garden for all residents of Babcock Ranch.

This city is expected to grow to 50 inhabitants.

Price issue

Beautiful new houses with three bedrooms of 130 m2 starting at $186, while larger waterfront homes are expected to start at $000. And as an added bonus, every home at Babcock Ranch is built with sustainability in mind and certified by the Florida Green Building Coalition.

For more information visit the official Page Babcock Ranch on Facebook.

City and hurricane

Recently, a city of 4600 people was hit by Hurricane Yen. Although the city was not directly affected, residents reported winds between 150 and 240 km per hour causing some damage. Among them are a fallen traffic light, several overturned street signs and a handful of palm trees that fell in the wind. In addition, the city is fully functional, with no power outages, flooding, or major structural damage.

As the first solar-powered community, the city is getting a lot of attention when it comes to design and survivability in inclement weather. It was designed not only to be an environmentally friendly city, but also to take into account severe storms and hurricanes in Florida. Urban planners have included several safety measures, including natural waterways for drainage, sustainable sewerage and water systems, underground telephone and electrical lines, and the site itself. The city was built at an altitude of 7 to 10 m above sea level to protect it from floods and storm surges.

What happens to solar panels during a hurricane

One would imagine that solar panels could be very fragile when exposed to high winds, hail and debris scattered during a hurricane or severe storm. Not to mention that water and electricity are incompatible.

The truth is that solar panels are more durable - they are waterproof and can continue to generate power even when it rains. You will be surprised, but rain is really good for solar panels, as it washes away dirt, pollen and other debris that accumulates on them over time. After heavy rain, solar panels often become even more efficient.

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As for hail, solar panels these days are certified to withstand 2,54 cm diameter hail at 80 mph, but are reported to withstand even baseball-sized hail with minimal damage. Although hail can damage solar panels, they are much more durable than is commonly believed.

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