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12 best US beaches for family and romantic holidays

If you're looking for a summer vacation enjoying the sun and white sand, you'll want to know about the 12 best beaches in the United States, reports Fox5.

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These 12 US beaches are in the top 100 world rankings Lonely Planet.

If you're planning a family vacation, you might want to consider Lake Tahoe's Sand Harbor, a few miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Enjoy crystal clear blue water and a variety of activities. You can go kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving. It's truly incredible because the water there is incredibly clean.

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If you're looking for romance, experts recommend Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island in Georgia.

Overall the area has a very relaxing atmosphere and beautiful scenery. Driftwood Beach is a photographer's dream. Here you can take stunning pictures as a souvenir.

From southeast Florida to northwest Washington and Hawaii, experts have selected the 12 best beaches in the United States.

1. Driftwood Beach, Golden Isles, Georgia

The driftwood scattered across the golden sands of Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia fascinates with its eccentric appearance. The trees of the island, whispering about the secrets of past centuries, beckon you to come closer. It is noteworthy that scenes for the 10th season of The Walking Dead were filmed here.

2. Grayton Beach, Grayton Beach State Park, Florida

The white sands of Grayton Beach resemble a delicate glaze, their ephemeral beauty constantly changing with the winds and waves along the Florida coast. The sands stand in stark contrast to the blue-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico that gently lap the shore.

3. South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida

Aquamarine waters wash a luxurious white sand beach, and the neat greenery of Lummus Park and the beauty of the embankment encourage walking. The colorful lifeguard towers give the beach a quaint look and serve as a signature feature of Miami.

4. Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California

Oceanfront palm trees line the sandy beach. Here you can see weightlifters on Muscle Beach, basketball players on the busy courts and skateboarders at the skate park. Sit down and watch what is happening. Jugglers, gymnasts and performers on the boardwalk vie for spectators' attention.

5. El Matador State Beach, Malibu, California

El Matador may be a tiny beach, but it is captivating in its beauty. It is surrounded by rocky cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

A dirt path winds its way along a rocky slope to a staircase that leads to the beach, where the indescribable magic really begins.

6. Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California

On the Big Sur coast in central California there is an amazing beach where nature has gotten creative and colored the sand in different shades of purple. This uniqueness is explained by the fact that the rocks that surround the beach are rich in one of the varieties of garnet - spessartine.

Pfeiffer Beach is amazing because the sand is colored in lilac, burgundy and purple shades.

7. Cannon Beach, Oregon

Here you will be enchanted by pristine wildlife and stunning sunset views.

The beach became widely known thanks to cinema: some scenes of the films “The Goonies”, “Point Break”, “Twilight” were filmed here.

8. Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Crystal clear blue water, ancient white sands, pine trees towering overhead. There is a breathtaking calm here - at least until summer, when beach umbrellas and surfboards disturb the peace.

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9. Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland/Virginia

Assateague Island National Seashore, where wild horses gallop along windswept beaches, exudes an amazing atmosphere. Dense forests and rugged dunes complete this impression. Since camping is allowed on the beach, city dwellers can easily immerse themselves in the wild splendor of nature.

10. Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii

Hanalei Bay is the largest bay on the north shore of the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

Hanalei Bay is almost 4 km of beach surrounded by mountains. In summer, the bay offers excellent opportunities for mooring sailboats, stand-up paddleboarding and swimming.

11. Oneloa Beach/Big Beach, Maui, Hawaii

There's something sweet and wild about Oneloa Beach, a wide stretch of golden sand in the far southern reaches of Maui.

A tangle of tropical greenery surrounds the sandy path leading to the 1,6 km long beach. Oneloa means "long sand" in Hawaiian. The Pacific Ocean laps the shore in waves of an unearthly shade of blue.

12. Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington

Ruby Beach is the northern beach in the coastal part of Olympic National Park in Washington State. Like most recreational areas on the north coast, Ruby Beach features a huge amount of driftwood washed ashore at high tide. There are many near the beach and rocky stones (stacks) rising above the water. This gives it a special charm and surreal beauty.

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