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Two proven ways to save on air tickets: tips from a flight attendant

A former flight attendant said Insider, how travelers can save on flights. To do this, they do not need to resort to skiplagging, that is, book a connecting flight at your current destination and then refuse to continue your journey.

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Airfare has become much more expensive in recent years, but despite this, many more Americans are traveling.

Many of them are looking for ways to save on air tickets, which often make up a large part of the budget for the entire trip, and use such a trick as skiplagging.

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Skiplagging - from the English skiplagging (skipping the last point of the flight on flights with a transfer). Nowadays, such a bypass of the system has become a popular way to save on air travel. That is, you can take an inexpensive ticket with a transfer, but not fly all the way, but stay at the intermediate point where you needed to get.

But in recent years, airlines have stepped up their fight against this type of “hacking”, so it has become more difficult to use this method.

Bobby Laurie, a travel expert who worked as a flight attendant for US Airways and Virgin America, shares how passengers can save money on their flights.

1. Don't search too often for information about your scheduled flight.

According to him, travelers should not look for the desired flights multiple times in the same search engine, device or IP network. Many airlines have a dynamic pricing strategy, meaning airfares can rise depending on how many people search for a particular route.

“If their system detects that a particular flight has generated interest, prices could go up,” Laurie said.

He advises using dynamic pricing to your advantage by looking for the cheapest upgrade ticket instead of the cheapest economy fare.

“If a lot of people look for economy class flights, the price will go up. I have seen situations many times where first class or premium economy was cheaper than a bus ticket,” noted the travel expert.

2. Be selective about ticket add-ons

Travelers should avoid paying additional refundable fare charges when booking with major U.S. airlines, Laurie said. The only exception is booking with ultra-low-cost airlines, from which it is not always possible to get a refund in case of flight cancellation.

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“You can't get a cash refund if you cancel after 24 hours, but you will have a credit to use with the airline,” Laurie said of canceling an airline ticket or changing a flight date.

He said travelers should also check all available routes to their destination as they are often cheaper than direct flights.

“Don't be afraid of transfers. Combined flights with transfers are sometimes cheaper than direct flights,” concluded Bobby Laurie.

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