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ALDI Sets Thanksgiving Grocery Prices at 2019 Levels, But Buying Hurry

Against the backdrop of rising inflation and a seemingly endless increase in food prices, the ALDI supermarket chain has managed to keep prices for fresh products 20-40% lower than those of competitors, reports TheTakeOut.

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Over the past year, ALDI has gained one million new customers.

This growth in business is making it even easier for ALDI to roll out new promotions, and starting November 2, the grocery chain is introducing a Thanksgiving price review, especially on typical holiday dinner products.

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"Providing products at the lowest prices is what we've always been about, and now we know it's more important than ever," said Dave Rinaldo, president of ALDI US, in a press release. “We expect tens of millions of shoppers to visit our stores this Thanksgiving season, and we want them to know they can count on us.”

What is the Thanksgiving ALDI Price Review?

From November 2 to November 29, ALDI will be reviewing the prices of traditional holiday merchandise to match the value of these merchandise in 2019. According to the press release, the prices will be 30% less than the current prices in the store.

ALDI says some of the recommended items that will be subject to price revisions include:

  • Brie cheese.
  • Prosciutto.
  • Mixture for stuffing turkey (Cornbread stuffing).
  • Mini pies with custard.
  • Mini marshmallow.
  • Green bean.
  • Fresh pretzels (Fresh brown-and-serve rolls).
  • Pasta.
  • Apple pie.
  • Wine.

All discounted items will be marked with a converted price icon in the store and local listings so you can plan your shopping trip accordingly.

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ALDI's ability to keep prices so low is partly due to its limited in-store offerings - stocks will run out quickly.

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