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Woman nearly died from sepsis after bowling

Nakita Harden from Britain nearly died from sepsis after cutting her thumb on the inside of a bowling ball. The publication told in more detail New York Post.

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“At first I didn’t attach any importance to it. Scratches happen all the time,” Harden, 33, said.

She was bowling with her boyfriend Jordan when she stuck her fingers in the holes of a bowling ball and cut herself. In the evening, Harden told her boyfriend that she felt unbearable pain in her thumb.

“My thumb doesn’t feel very good,” Harden complained. “He saw small red spots on my hand. At that time it was not yet an obvious source of inflammation.”

Her boyfriend mentioned that he had read an article that said there was a red line that could be overlooked. It is called lymphangitis - this is the process of inflammation of the lymphatic vessels, which means that the infection has entered the lymphatic system. If the infection spreads into the blood, then sepsis begins, that is, blood poisoning, but this did not bother them at first.

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“We were a little worried, but I didn’t feel bad,” she admitted.

The guy said, “If it gets worse, you’ll have to go to the hospital because it could be sepsis.”

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes sepsis as “the body's extreme response to infection and a life-threatening medical emergency.”

Unfortunately, as the night wore on, Harden's condition worsened and she woke up feeling unwell.

“At night I woke up with extreme thirst. I tried to go downstairs and had difficulty reaching the stairs. But I needed a drink, so I got there, had a drink, and then barely made it upstairs,” she noted.

Harden immediately told her partner that she felt sick and needed to go to the hospital immediately.

When they got to the medical facility, it was crowded with people waiting for medical help. Luckily, medical staff noticed Harden's serious condition.

“I thought I would die before my turn came, but they quickly called me,” she emphasized.

The doctor warned Harden that she would need antibiotics and surgery to remove the infection from her thumb, but said that the finger would not have to be amputated. During the operation, Harden remained conscious and observed everything that was happening.

“I tried to watch them: I felt them digging into the bones, and I felt a little sick. It seemed like I was going to faint,” she admitted.

A resident of Norfolk (UK) could not help but think about her children during the operation.

"I have two children. They are what was in my head. I thought then: what if I never see them again? My dad had them the day I went bowling with my boyfriend,” Harden explained.

Doctors removed as much of the infected tissue as possible, but were unable to stitch up the wound, since it was located on a knuckle.

Harden was worried that after the surgery she would no longer have a knuckle, but fortunately, the removed tissue grew back and she made a full recovery.

“I had to return to the clinic for hand bandaging and other procedures. We had to maintain sterility, and then everything healed,” she stated. “Now, if I cut myself, even if it’s just a small scratch, I always apply antiseptic to it, just in case.”

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Infections that lead to sepsis most often begin in the lungs, urinary tract, skin, or gastrointestinal tract. Without prompt treatment, sepsis can quickly lead to tissue damage, organ failure and death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“This is a very serious disease, but it can be easily prevented if you know what to look for,” Harden said.

Symptoms to look for in sepsis include fast heartbeat, weak pulse, fever, shaking, confusion, shortness of breath, severe pain, and clammy or sweaty skin.

"If you think you may have sepsis, don't hesitate to go to the hospital," Harden said.

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