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Massachusetts girl is allergic to her boyfriend: haters say it's a sign of infidelity

Massachusetts girl claims to be allergic to her boyfriend because whenever they are together she gets a rash. However, haters argue that this is a sign of infidelity. Writes about it New York Post.

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Video of her allergies went viral on social media.

"There's something about him that makes me react like that," said 22-year-old Virginia Nolte.

The itchy breakouts began in December 2022 after the Boston native started dating a guy named Steve Johnson, whom she met on Bumble.

Everything went like clockwork, until Nolte began to experience strange sensations every time they went on a date.

“It all started with my eyes becoming very itchy and watery,” she explained.

At first, the girl attributed the symptoms to "seasonal allergies." In particular, she had eczema and other skin conditions in the past.

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Nolte continued to spend her weekends with Steve unknowingly.

It wasn't until six months later, in April, that she put "two and two together" and it dawned on her that there was a "correlation" between allergies and her boyfriend.

“We noticed that after I spent a few days in his apartment, after a week I had a very bad rash, and for a few days after that I felt pretty bad,” she admitted.

Nolte noticed that her condition improved in the middle of the week. The symptoms flared up again after a weekend with Johnson.

At this point, Nolte came to the conclusion that she was severely allergic to her boyfriend.

"I'm allergic to him," declared the confused girl, who attributed her rash to "something in the air in his apartment, a body product, or whatever he uses."

To test her theory, Nolte's boyfriend changed laundry detergents, toiletries, and cologne, but remained stumped as his girlfriend's symptoms persisted.

“He was so patient and so supportive in everything. And he is just as disappointed as I am,” she said.

Despite seeing a dermatologist, two allergists and an ophthalmologist in May, Nolte was still puzzled over the cause of her rash.

Meanwhile, her symptoms continued to snowball. At one point, Nolte had such a bad reaction that she ended up in the emergency room and had to take antihistamines and steroids.

The commenters under the video had a more sinister theory as to the cause of her condition: they believe the rash was a sign that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

"Baby, maybe this is a sign," one social media commenter warned, while another stated, "Your body won't lie to you girl, I'm so sorry."

“Learn the hard way sis,” wrote another.

Nolte does not attach much importance to these words.

“When people say that my boyfriend is cheating on me, that is one of the things to laugh at,” she chuckled. “After all, they don’t know me, or him, or our relationship.”

She added: “If he cheated, during the time I spent there, I think I would know. I don't attach much importance to it."

While the rash may not be a sign of infidelity, Nolte says it "complicated the relationship a bit" nonetheless.

“I stopped going to his apartment because we didn’t know if there was anything there,” she complained. “We need to plan when to go out to dinner or to the movies, so the relationship is less carefree.”

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Luckily, Nolte says, she and Johnson have learned to see the funny side of her condition: “But on the other hand, you have to laugh. If you wallow in stress and frustration and everything else, it's just awful. So you'll have to laugh a little."

The couple are determined to look into this, and Nolte is currently awaiting the results of two tests that she hopes will clear up the matter.

“The results I'm expecting are the environmental test, and the one I'm getting next week is the food and ingredient test,” she explained. “At this point it has to be something.” "We've narrowed it down a bit - we know it's not his shampoo, cleanser or conditioner."

Finally, Nolte said, "Hopefully we can find something and try to develop a plan to move forward to alleviate my symptoms."

Interestingly, although rare, people can be allergic to each other.

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