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Russian Consulate General in Seattle to host citizens in California

In California, in the city of San Jose 13-14 February will be held a visiting session of the Russian Consulate General in Seattle.

As reported on the Consulate General websiteVisitors will be received at: 2095 Park Ave, San Jose, CA The 95126 Rossinka heritage school. 9 running time: 00 to 18: 00.

Russian citizens in San Jose will be able to get ready passports and issue personal attendance reports.

The consulate pays special attention to the fact that the reception of citizens will be carried out strictly by appointment and pre-generated graphics.

To make an appointment, you must send a request for the necessary service (issuance of a ready-made passport or execution of a personal appearance certificate) from your personal email before February 8 to the following address: [email protected]. In the application you must indicate your full name according to your Russian passport, date of birth, and telephone number for a call back.

In the subject line of the email you need to write the following:

"San Jose Passport", if you only need to get a passport.

"San Jose pension", if you need to issue an act of personal attendance.

“San Jose passport and pension” - if you need to get two services.

“Please do not duplicate letters and do not call the consulate regarding registration for an on-site session. When the applications are collected and reviewed, the staff will contact you,” the consulate pays special attention.

To obtain a passport in the application, it is mandatory to indicate the registration of a passport valid for 5 or 10 years.

For registration of the Act of personal attendance, you must specify the data of a valid Russian passport.

The consulate notes that when processing applications, priority will be given to citizens of retirement age and large families.

What you need to get a passport

It is necessary to submit a foreign passport, in exchange for which a new one was issued, and an internal passport (if available), as well as a birth certificate of the child, if the passport is issued for a minor citizen.

In case of non-submission of a foreign passport valid at the time of receiving a new international passport, the issued passport will not be issued.

Personal appearance of the person who issued the passport, including children, is required.

What is necessary for registration of the act of personal appearance

To execute the Act, you must provide:

1. a valid Russian foreign or domestic passport; 2. if necessary, specifying in the Act information on the implementation (termination) of work and (or) other activities outside the territory of the Russian Federation also provides one of the following documents:

• the original letter to the US Social Security Administration (Social security administration) on the appointment and payment of social benefits (Supplement Security Income – SSI) for the current year;

• original of the US Social Security Administration certificate (Social security administration) taxable income in the current year (Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement).

A certificate can be obtained by personally contacting the SSA office at the place of residence of the applicant, or by mailing the appropriate questionnaire (Request for Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement).

3. If the act is issued by the consulate for the first time, then documents confirming permanent residence in the United States - a passport of a United States citizen, or a residence permit (green card), or certificate of naturalization, as well as documents confirming the address of residence in the United States (driver's license or any other certificate with the address, bill for utilities).

Recall in August 2017, the US government closed the consulate of Russia in San Francisco. This was done in response to Moscow’s decision to reduce the number of employees of the US diplomatic mission in Russia by 450 people.

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