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What news brought immigrants 2017 year

The United States has been and remains a welcome country for immigrants. However, US immigration laws may rightfully be called one of the most confusing in the world, and the whole year there was not the most positive information for those who plan to move to America in the future. ForumDaily followed all news related to immigrants.

Donald Trump is far from the first American politician proposed to ban members of a particular ethnic or racial group entering the United States. In the history of the country there were many cases when the authorities made a choice as to who should open or close their borders. In 1790, the US government banned all residents except whites from accepting US citizenship. Read more: How did immigration in America change over 200 years.

And now the White House’s policy is aimed at changing the portrait of the immigrant and access to the United States again. So, the Congress was asked to approve the list of proposed changes by the Republicans in immigration policy in the framework of the transaction to protect against the deportation of hundreds of thousands of immigrants illegally brought into the country by children nicknamed "dreamers" who were previously in the United States under the protection of the DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), which President Donald Trump recently canceled. Read more: The future of “dreamers”: what compromise is the White House ready for?

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In addition, President Donald Trump supports all initiatives related to reducing legal immigration. The whole truth about Trump's migration reform is collected in the “Fact Check.

In addition, in 2017, Trump signed decree restricting the rights of refuge citiesmayors of many of them stated that they will not carry out the decision of the president, With Miami-Dade County mayor ordered to obey Trump's order and obliged the city authorities to cooperate with the federal authorities in identifying and deportation of illegal immigrants.

In December, Donald Trump announced that on the Green Card Lottery in the United States get the "worst of the worst". Earlier he urged Congress to cancel the annual lottery draw of green cards . Therefore, according to the president, the US Congress should end the diversification visa lottery, known as the Green Card, and stop the chain migration to America.

Recent remarks by the president were related to recent terrorist attacks in New York, whose perpetrators reportedly ended up in the United States in one case through a visa lottery, and in another, as a close relative of a person who immigrated to America and received citizen or resident status.


At the same time, in New York itself, the attitude towards immigrants, including illegal ones, is positive, and the authorities largely meet them. Thus, the law of criminal justice reform in New York can provide relief to illegal immigrants who are worried about deportation. Read more about how The new law will facilitate the lives of illegal immigrants in New York.

If you decide to immigrate to the United States or are already living in America and want to help loved ones, listen to the tips that they publish. ForumDaily. This will help you avoid common mistakes when submitting documents to a green card.

And if you do not want to be in an illegal situation, find out how to change the type of visa while in America.

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