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Four types of additional income that are not worth the time spent on them

Many Americans have chosen freelance careers. We set opening hours, set our budget and pay taxes ourselves. When the job is right, it can be a dream. On the other hand, it can be a real nightmare when the job isn't worth the time it takes to get it done. Edition Fool collected 4 examples of such works.

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1. Become a part of MLM

MLM stands for Multilevel Marketing. While these companies are not pyramid schemes because they sell goods, they can act like pyramid schemes. People at the top make money every time someone below them sells a product.

So how many people are making money from the MLM side hustle and bustle? According to the Federal Trade Commission, 1% of people involved in MLM make a profit. The other 99% are losing money.

2. Opening an online store

The opportunity to make money makes some of the ways to make money attractive. And you can make money with an online store. The only problem is that it takes time, energy and advertising savvy.

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There will be more than 2021 million online retail stores in the United States in 2,1. This is tough competition, especially if you cannot afford to spend money on advertising. Even if you can, it's important to consider the value of your time managing your store.

The difficulty of warning aspiring entrepreneurs about the dangers of starting an online store is that a huge number of people are trying to convince them to start a business. Many of the websites with strong online store opening reviews are companies trying to sell you a service. They want to charge you a monthly fee to host your store, get paid to build it, or become your supplier. That is, they use their online platforms to make money from you while promising to make you an online entrepreneur.

3. Taking surveys

Again, since some people make some money by completing surveys, this seems like a good extra income. Survey sites often promise that you will have tons of fun with bonuses in the form of gift cards and other prizes.

If you devote your time and efforts to one of these research companies, you may make enough money to buy a cup of coffee per hour. It's not a small thing, but it's hard to justify the time spent in your life for such a small fee.

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The best alternative is to sign up for a focus group. They pay more than surveys and it might be worth your time.

4. Mystery shopper

Mystery shopping sounds funny - you get paid to walk into a store and appreciate things like customer service and cleanliness. Typically, mystery shoppers are paid between $ 10 and $ 25 every time you shop. When you factor in the time it takes to travel to your destination, shop, and write a report, you can earn much less than the minimum wage per hour. And if you subtract the cost of transportation and the taxes that you pay on income, it turns out that you are wasting your time for a negligible amount.

Another important detail about the mystery shopper: crooks love to hunt them down. Fraudsters sometimes offer you a job and then send you a check to be transferred to your bank account. They say this check is your first payment and ask you to test their internal money transfer service by sending them some money. The original check is then returned, so all funds you send come from your own bank account.

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