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How to Avoid Traffic on Labor Day Weekend: The Best and Worst Times to Travel

Summer is almost over and thousands of travelers are expected to head out to take advantage of the long Labor Day weekend. If you're planning to join the masses of travelers, edition Time-out offers some tips to help you avoid getting stuck in traffic that ruins your mood.

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Bookings data show that Labor Day travelers are up year-over-year, with a 4% increase in domestic flight bookings and a 44% increase in international travel. Although more people are traveling abroad for the holiday, the number of trips within the country is expected to be high.

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Using data from INRIX, a global provider of transportation data and analytics, the American Automobile Association (AAA) expects busiest road times, i.e. the worst time for travel will be on Friday, September 1, from 11:00 to 21:00.

“Most travelers will hit the road the Friday before Labor Day to take advantage of the long holiday weekend,” Paula Tweedale, AAA senior vice president, said in a statement.

As for the best time to travel on Labor Day, early check out is key: AAA recommends leaving before 07:00 and returning after 19:00 on Monday, September 4th. Sunday, September 3rd will be the least busy day if you are planning a day trip.

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Some routes will be busier. For example, according to statistics, Seattle - Bellingham on I-5 N will be loaded at 71%, Tampa - Orlando on I-4 E - 36%, Los Angeles - Bakersfield on I-5 N - 88%, and Jersey Shore - New York on Garden St Pkwy N will be loaded at 64%.

Whenever you plan to go out, be sure to bring along a couple of snacks and a few good songs for the road to keep you occupied in case you get stuck in traffic.

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