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Grand Independence Day sales that have already begun

The fourth of July is already close: you can almost hear the grilling hamburgers hissing, and you can imagine how the fireworks go out in the distance. Regardless of what you planned for Independence Day, you can start celebrating a little earlier, receiving huge discounts on clothes, appliances, mattresses, electronics and much more thanks to the large number of pre-holiday sales from all your favorite retailers, writes USA Today.

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Home Appliances

abbot: Until July 5, there are big discounts on household appliances, televisions, air conditioners and sound equipment.

AJ Madison: Until July 8, a discount of up to 50% on electronics from LG, Samsung, Frigidaire and many other well-known brands will be available. Plus, you can get free shipping across the country for orders of $ 599 or more.

Appliances connection: Save up to $ 750 on appliances of all leading brands, as well as up to 20% discounts on sets of washing and drying machines and special offers on grills and outdoor furniture.

Best Buy: The electronics giant offers big savings - up to 40% - on all of the most popular devices, plus you get a free $ 100 Best Buy gift card when you buy two or more large devices for a total of $ 999 or more. The promotion includes washers and dryers, microwaves, dishwashers and refrigerators. Free shipping is also available for any large home appliance for $ 399 or more.

Costco: Club members (registration requires only $ 60 per year) can use Costco's holiday offers from now until Wednesday, July 8th. Although discounts are only available online, you can save on all types of bulky appliances, as well as small kitchen gadgets, vacuum cleaners, and more.

Home Depot: A home improvement company is conducting a promotion that includes a discount of $ 50 for 2 devices, $ 100 for 3 devices, $ 200 for 4 devices, $ 300 for 5 devices and $ 500 dollars for 6 devices. Customers can buy at a discount all kinds of items for patios, grills, power tools and much more at a discount.

Lowe's: This year there are holiday discounts on appliances, tools, grills and more - until Wednesday 8 July.


Amerisleep: Created from the sturdy plant-based memory foam known as Bio-Pur, Amerisleep mattresses are designed to resist sagging, with optimal breathability and ventilation between each layer. Until July 4, a 30% discount is provided with the AS30 promo code, plus customers can count on contactless delivery and a free return.

Casper: Holiday sale offers a 10% discount on all mattresses until July 2 with the KEEPCOOL promo code when placing an order.

Helix: A large holiday sale offers a discount of $ 100 for purchases from $ 600 or more with a promotional code FOJ100, $ 150 for purchases from $ 1250 or more with a promo code FOJ150, $ 200 for purchases from $ 1750 or more with a promo code FOJ200. In addition, you will receive two pillows for free.

Leesa: You can't go wrong with a high quality Leesa mattress, made from a thick layer of “breathable” foam to ensure optimal air exchange. As part of the Limited Time Sale, you can get up to $ 150 off the Leesa Base Mattress, $ 250 on the Hybrid Mattress and up to $ 350 on the Legend Mattress, plus you get a set of free organic sheets (up to $ 159).

Nectar sleep: Until Sunday, July 12th, customers will receive free accessories worth up to $ 399 (for example, a pillow, sheets and a protective mattress cover) with each order of a Nectar mattress (a popular model for combining price and quality).

Purple: For a limited time, customers can get a discount of $ 100 for the original Purple mattress model, $ 125 for Hybrid mattresses, $ 150 for Hybrid Premier mattresses, or $ 200 for a kit that includes two Harmony pillows, a sheet set and a mattress cover.

Tempur-pedic: As a classic manufacturer of memory mattresses, this brand still offers reliable models. Until Tuesday, July 14th, buyers can save up to $ 500 on any TEMPUR-breeze mattress and up to $ 200 on a mattress base.

Tuft & Needle: If you spend $ 800 at Tuft & Needle, you get $ 150 off. You can also spend $ 1200 and get $ 250 off until Tuesday, July 7th.

Zoma: Designed for athletes, the highly rated Zoma Gel Mattresses are specially designed for those who prefer support in specific areas, such as under the hips, in the head and foot. For a limited time, you can get a discount of $ 150 with a promotional code WIN150. In addition, adjustable beds are discounted by 30%.

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Clothing, shoes and accessories

Adidas: from July 1 to July 6, a 25% discount is available on the brand’s website with the SUMMER coupon code when placing an order.

Alice + Olivia: until July 13, the brand practically distributes its designer clothes with discounts of more than 80% for dresses, tops, skirts and much more. For example, trendy Melrose sunglasses cost only $ 29 instead of $ 150.

Anthropology: Right now you can save 50% on the products in your basket, plus you can find individual discounts of up to 70% on popular products.

American Eagle: Aerie fans will not want to miss the massive summer sale at the store with up to 60% off a wide range of men and women. Prices will be valid until Thursday, July 9th.

Backcountry: On summer sales, you can get up to 40% discounts on popular brands such as as The North Face, Patagonia and Columbia, until Monday, July 6, plus save on camping and camping equipment.

Camelbak: Fitness fans can save on Camelbak branded backpacks and vests using the PACK25 code at checkout. Until Tuesday, July 7th, you can save 25% on some popular products.

Kate Spade: Buyers can get additional 40% discounts with EXTRA40 code until July 5, plus you will receive free shipping and return on all orders.

Old navy: Save up to 60% on sales, and lots of themed items are on sale, so if you need a holiday outfit this weekend, you can buy it.

Topshop: Offers discounts of up to 30% during the summer plus a discount of up to 60% on individual items until July 15.

Tory Burch: In addition to the iconic ballet dresses, the site contains many attractive items, from leather handbags to summer dresses. Until July 6, you can get an additional 30% discount on selected items with coupon code EXTRA30 at checkout.


Adorama: A great opportunity to save on the range of technical gadgets from Adorama until July 5, including computers, speakers, cameras, drones and much more. Popular offers include the Google Home Mini and GoPro HERO8.

HP: The sale, which runs until July 4, offers up to 60% discount on some products, including laptops, desktops, printers and monitors, plus you will get free shipping.

Lenovo: The sale offers some products in limited quantities with a discount of up to 68%, including laptops, desktops and other computer accessories.

Microsoft: Now we are offering several great promotions, including savings on tablets, smartphones and other technical innovations.

Samsung: discounts on smartphones and smart appliances are offered.

Cooking food

Home chef: Until Monday, July 6th, this trusted delivery service offers a $ 80 discount on the first four deliveries with the REVIEWED4TH80 promotion code upon checkout. You will save $ 20 on each of the four products, but note that the code will expire 10 weeks after the initial registration with the service.

Nutribullet: If you were looking for a new blender such as Magic Bullet, now is the best time to buy. Until July 5, the company offers a 20% discount on its professional models, for example, on Nutribullet PRO Exclusive, which costs from $ 89,99 to $ 71,99 when you enter the FREEDOM20 promo code at the checkout.

Thermoworks: The Smoke X long-range wireless BBQ alarm thermometer usually retails for $ 169, and at a discount it costs about $ 135,20 if you buy red, white or blue. Smoke X4 usually costs $ 199 dollars, but you can buy red, white, blue or charcoal for $ 159,20.

HelloFresh: In honor of July 4th, Food Service is making food delivery even more affordable with a $ 80 discount, no code required. You will receive a discount on 5 deliveries - $ 22,01 for the first, $ 20 for the second, and $ 10 for the third, fourth and fifth boxes, along with free shipping (usually $ 7,99).

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Beauty and appearance

Ulta: One-stop shop for everything from high-quality hair products to pharmacy cosmetics. Until July 4th, you can get a 20% discount on a hair care package that includes iconic favorites such as the expensive Redken All Soft Shampoo, which now costs $ 26,80 in promotions. Alternatively, you can get a free 18-piece makeup bag of your choice for $ 85.

Macy's: Clinique fans, rejoice! By spending $ 29 on Macy's Clinique products, you can get a free 7-item gift along with free shipping.

Dermstore: SPF is absolutely essential for the warmer months and until July 5, Dermstore is offering 20% ​​off EltaMD products, a summer line that provides sunscreen formulas for all skin types. Popular products like the EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 are priced between $ 36 and $ 28,80 during this sale.

CVS: Thanks to the Red, White and Hue hair color event related to hair coloring, you can get $ 5 in ExtraBucks Rewards, which can be used as a coupon for any purchase when you spend $ 25 on some coloring products.

House and yard

Burrow: By using the USA code at checkout, you can get up to $ 500 in discounts on high quality furniture. Here's how the discount works: you get 10% off orders up to $ 1799, $ 200 off on orders over $ 1800, $ 250 on orders over $ 2200, $ 300 on orders over $ 2600, $ 400 on orders over $ 3000 or $ 500 on orders over $ 4000 - inclusive until Wednesday , July, 12.

Macy's: Although July 4 sales cover clothing, shoes, bags, and more, some of the most impressive discounts can be found in the extensive home department. You can save up to 60% on everything from bedding to tableware to small kitchen appliances. In addition, when you enter the FOURTH coupon code at checkout, you can save an additional 10–20% on some products.

Wayfair: in honor of the Fourth of July, prices for furniture, wall decorations, mattresses and much more come with a discount of up to 70%!

overstock: On sale, you can buy furniture, rugs, patio sets and the like with a discount of up to 70%, and also get free shipping.


Michaels: The company makes serious discounts on patriotic decor. Until July 4, you can also use the 20MADEBYYOU coupon code when placing an order to save 20% on all purchases at the regular price in stores or online.

CVS Photo: Impressive offers for photo panels, 40% off when using the 40PANEL promo code. You can also get a discount of up to 70% on 4 × 6 prints and up to 60% on premium and foil cards with the code PREMIUM60. All sales take place until July 4th.

Rosetta Stone: hope to learn a new language this summer? From July 1st to July 8th, Rosetta Stone is offering a free upgrade of any CD or downloadable product to one of its “lifetime” monolingual subscriptions.

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