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Why July 4 is a special day for new US citizens

On the fourth of July, when Americans celebrate the birthday of their country, thousands of people will take the oath as naturalized citizens of the United States.

Photo: Facebook / US Citizenship and Immigration Services

Every year, July 4 holds naturalization ceremonies at historic sites, including the George Washington Manor Mount Vernon, the Independence National Historical Park and the Calvin Coolidge Manor. According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, in 2017, more than 770 200 people became US citizens, of whom over 15 thousands of citizens took the oath at more than 65 ceremonies on Independence Day.

Oath on the background of historical scenery

Photo: Facebook / US Citizenship and Immigration Services

В Old sturbridge village, a living history museum in Sturbridge (Massachusetts), continues the tradition of July naturalization 4.

The museum has 40 of historic buildings, where historians work in traditional costumes, which tell visitors about life in provincial New England 1830's. On Independence Day, the past will meet with the present when almost 100 immigrants take an oath of loyalty to members of the Sturbridge community, visitors and museum staff.

“Both for people taking the oath and for observers - American citizens, this is a reminder of the true meaning of this day, and why it’s so important to remember,” says museum employee Michael Arnam.

Each new citizen, naturalized at the ceremony of the Fourth of July in Sturbridge, receives a museum membership for one year and a mug made to order in the historic pottery workshop.

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