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Giuliani: Biden's corruption schemes in Ukraine may be associated with trump's accusations in collusion with Russia

The lawyer of the US President Donald Trump Rudi Giuliani said that the corrupt actions of the former US Vice President Joe Biden in Ukraine may be associated with the spread of the idea of ​​an electoral conspiracy of Trump and Russia, which eventually turned out to be a fake.

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He stated this on the TV channel Fox News.

“Three or four months ago, I received information that one of the reasons why this stupid investigation (of the collusion between Trump and Russia during the 2016 US election campaign) began, maybe in Ukraine. That there was a group of people in Ukraine who worked to help Hillary Clinton, and that even the embassy was involved in the process of achieving these political goals. But then a story about the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Group and the son of US Vice President Joe Biden suddenly surfaced, ”Giuliani said.

Recall the son of Biden Hunter about 4 or 5 years was a member of the board of directors of the Ukrainian company Burisma Group and was under investigation by the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office due to the corrupt actions of this company, but then his father, who at that time was US vice president and was in charge of the country's policy towards Ukraine, forced the Ukrainian leadership to dismiss the prosecutor general, and his son’s case was closed.

The fact that he became the initiator of the dismissal of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Joe Biden personally told at one of the speeches. And the presenter asked Giuliani to analyze the logic of the actions of the ex-vice-president: why publicly talk about some of his violations, if you understand that you are breaking the law.

“I don't know, but Biden then hid one of the facts. His son was at that time under investigation by the prosecutor, who was fired at the insistence of the US Vice President. Hunter Biden's name was in the investigation materials, he was on the board of directors of this company, he received millions of dollars from it, he even ran the company for some time. The company was under investigation, it is called one of the most dishonest companies in Ukraine, the owner of the company is the fugitive oligarch Zlochevsky. And Hunter Biden remained on the board of directors of this company, received millions of dollars a year, ”explained Giuliani.

He clarified that Hunter Biden joined the board of directors of the Burisma Group two months after the former US President Barack Obama appointed Joe Biden responsible for US policy towards Ukraine.

“And then they fired the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the case was taken from under investigation and handed over to the court, which was formed by Soros's people, and they closed the case,” the lawyer said.

Giuliani said that he is raising this issue now because he believes that in Ukraine you can find a lot of information about interference with the elections, the formation of a “dossier” on Trump, a leak of information compromising the former head of the election headquarters of Trump Paul Manafort. And therefore, it requires an investigation of the intervention of Ukraine in the elections.

He noted that all this should be investigated by the US Department of Justice to find out how empty accusations were made against Donald Trump about colluding with Russia, how many Ukrainians were involved in interfering with US elections in 2016, whether the foreign government was involved and the US Embassy in Ukraine.

We will remind, earlier the public prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko statedthat the US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, gave him orders to close the case on the embezzlement of American aid funds for Ukraine, and also handed over a list of persons whom he should not have prosecuted.

Despite the fact that the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have collected a large amount of information about violations and corruption of democrats, US investigative agencies have not yet shown interest in this data.

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