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Was there an agreement trump and Russia: the findings of the investigation Muller

US Special Prosecutor Robert Muller during the two-year investigation found no evidence of collusion between US President Donald Trump and Russia in an attempt to influence the presidential election of 2016 of the year.

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This is stated in a letter to US Attorney General William Barr, sent to the US Congress, with a brief summary of the findings of the Muller report, writes "Rain".

"The investigation did not establish that the participants in the Trump campaign or anyone associated with them conspired or coordinated with Russia in its attempts to influence the election of the US president in 2016," the report says.

In addition, Barr writes, he and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, “concluded that the evidence obtained during the investigation of the special prosecutor was not enough to establish that the president had committed a crime that impedes the administration of justice.”

At the same time, Barr and Rosenstein say, the headquarters of the president received offers from people connected with Moscow. The letter also emphasizes that Russia still tried to influence the elections with the help of cyber attacks.

The special prosecutor of the United States found several cases of interference in the elections of Russia, the document says. We are talking about the Internet Research Agency (which is also called the “troll factory”). Muller believes that it spread misinformation on social networks in order to disunite US citizens and influence the outcome of the vote. However, the special prosecutor did not find any links between the agency and the Trump election campaign. RBC.

At the same time, Muller came to the conclusion that the email of Hillary Clinton, Trump's opponent in the elections, was hacked by hackers linked to Russia. However, the Special Prosecutor did not find a connection between them and the Trump team.

According to the US Attorney General, from the report Muller does not imply that Trump obstructed justice and thereby committed a crime. Muller refused to evaluate the president’s actions, calling it a “difficult question”, thus deciding whether Trump interfered with the investigation would be the Attorney General.

In a letter to Congress, Barr explained that he could not publish the full version of the Muller report, since this would be contrary to the law on criminal procedure.

The full report is available at link.

White House Reaction

Trump spokeswoman Sarah Sanders called the findings of the Department of Justice "the absolute and complete justification of the US president."

Trump also stressed on his Twitter that he was completely acquitted, and said that he would "support America great."

The reaction of Russia

The Kremlin is not yet ready to comment on the findings of the investigation of Muller, because they have not yet become acquainted with its results.

This was stated by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, writes RIA News.

“We haven't seen them yet,” Peskov said.

Why was the investigation of Muller started

In May 2017, Rosenstein appointed Muller to investigate possible cooperation between Trump's headquarters and the Russians in order to influence the US presidential election in 2016.

Muller took over the FBI's counterintelligence investigation, which began in the summer of 2016, after agents learned that Trump's staff member George Papadopoulos had bragged to an Australian diplomat that Russia had received information that would discredit Hillary Clinton, who was Trump's opponent in the 2016 election of the year, and made public her. This statement acquired a new meaning a few months later, when investigators determined that the Russian special services had hacked the server of the National Democratic Committee and stole the correspondence from there.

Rosenstein said that he was not sure that any laws had been violated, but noted that the unique circumstances required an independent thorough investigation, which is why Muller was appointed.

Allegations brought during the investigation

Dozens of people caught in the Mueller investigation or related requests from federal prosecutors in New York and Washington include Trump's close associates, politicians and advisers, as well as Russian citizens and organizations. Many cases are still pending, some defendants are awaiting sentencing, and at least two are already serving their sentences.

The accused include:

Roger StoneTrump's longtime partner and political consultant, who was charged with seven counts in January of 2019, including lying to investigators about Trump's assistants trying to find out about emails stolen by the Russian government from its political rivals.

Michael Flynn, a former lieutenant general of the US Army who worked as Trump's national security adviser, in December 2017, he pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about meetings with Russians during the transition period after the elections. He collaborated with Muller on a plea bargaining agreement and is awaiting sentencing.

Michael cohen, a former Trump's personal lawyer who pleaded guilty to 2018 in November of lying to Congress about Trump’s alleged real estate deal in Moscow. He collaborated with Muller. Cohen also pleaded guilty in August of 2018 in a case brought by the US attorney’s office in New York on charges of paying for silence during Trump’s election campaign to two women who claimed to have sex with a politician. Cohen was sentenced in December 2018 to three years in prison.

Paul Manafort, the former chairman of Trump's headquarters, who was convicted in August 2018 of the year for tax and banking fraud. In September, he pleaded guilty to conspiracy against the US for the purpose of money laundering, tax fraud, and obstruction of justice. Manafort was accused of not registering with the Department of Justice as a lobbyist for the interests of a foreign person, although he represented the pro-Russian party in Ukraine, and then did not report the millions of income received from this political force. Manafort was sentenced to 7,5 years in prison.

Rick GatesHe worked for Manafort before and during Trump's election campaign, and also headed Trump’s transition committee. In February 2018, he pleaded guilty to conspiracy and lying to FBI agents and prosecutors. He collaborated with Muller and is awaiting sentencing.

Konstantin Kilimnikwho worked with Manafort and Gates in Kiev. In June 2018, he was charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice.

George Papadopoulos, Trump's foreign policy advisor. In October 2017, he pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents for a foreign professor who claimed that Russian officials had access to Hillary Clinton's letters. He found out about this because he had a relationship with a woman from Russia. He served 14 days in jail and was ordered to pay a fine of 9 500 dollars and work 200 public work hours.

Alex van der Zwaan, an English attorney who pleaded guilty in February of 2018 for lying to FBI agents about his job at Manafort and Gates. He departed 30 days in prison and was fined 20 000 dollars.

Richard Pinedo from Santa Paula, California, who pleaded guilty in February 2018 of the year to fraud using personal data and trading bank account numbers using stolen personal data that others used to hide digital payments via the Internet. Pinedo was sentenced to six months in prison and must work 100 hours of community service.

12 Russian citizensIn July 2018 was charged with conspiracy to hack the computers of the Democratic Party to influence the election of 2016 of the year. The charges included aggravated theft and money laundering.

13 Russian citizens and three organizations, including the Internet Research Agency, which in February 2018 was charged with conspiracy to deceive the United States and intervene in elections. Three were accused of conspiracy to commit fraudulent and banking fraud. Five were accused of stealing personal data under aggravating circumstances.

Recall, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine began investigating the possible interference of the Ukrainian security forces in the American elections. They allegedly tried to help former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to win the presidential race.

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