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A resident of South Carolina was pierced by an umbrella while relaxing on the beach: she died

According to local authorities, a woman died after she was pierced by a beach umbrella in Garden City (South Carolina). Writes about it Independent.

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The Horry County coroner identified the victim as 63-year-old Tammy Perreault. The fatal incident on August 10 turned out to be an accident.

A local bar paid tribute to Perrault.

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“Today, with a heavy heart, we mourn the loss of dear friend and kind local Tammy Perrault. No one has anything bad to say about this woman," Scotty's Beach Bar said in a statement.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a warning about beach umbrellas. The agency estimates that about 3000 people are injured each year by beach umbrellas.

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“Beach umbrellas can be dangerous and even deadly. Make sure your beach umbrella is anchored in the sand." reported by the agency.

There are some tips in the document to keep the umbrella from being blown away by the wind towards other beachgoers: bury the pole at least two feet (60 cm) deep, tilt it into the wind, and make sure the sand is packed around the base of the umbrella.

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