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Closed roads, snow captivity, and the dead: a powerful storm moves from west to east of the United States

A powerful winter storm will leave California, but first leave 3 feet (91,4 cm) of snow in the northern districts of Ventura and Kern, up to 3,46 inches (8,7 cm) of rain in Los Angeles and 3,19 inches (8,10 cm) in the district of San Bernardino. Residents have already faced the closure of roads, a 5-hour wait in snow captivity. There were no casualties.

Photo: Twitter / @armandapari video screenshot

From Los Angeles and San Diego received numerous flood reports. People had to be saved from cars drowning in streams of water.

Snowfall on highlands in Southern California has closed roads and highways.

USA Today reports the death of a person. A 60-year-old woman died in San Diego County around 6:50 in the morning after the car where she was a passenger lost control and turned off the road to the waterfront.

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The victim, who was not wearing a seat belt, was in the back seat. She was thrown forward into the windshield. Death was ascertained at the scene, said in an interview FOX5 California Motorway Patrol Officer Jeff Christie. He said the accident was a result of fresh snow and high speed cars, but noted that the investigation was still ongoing.

Motorist Johnny Lim, who was stuck on the road for five hours on Thursday, was not sure he could get to Las Vegas, where he hoped to spend time after Christmas. He was worried about how he would drive his car through the pass when the road opened again.

“The freeway is full of snow and ice,” he said, adding that his car was “not made for such conditions.”

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I-5 also found a truck driver who was unconscious. He was pronounced dead by Kern County firefighters, although it was not immediately known whether the death was related to the weather.

EF-0 category tornadoes were confirmed in Ventura County on Wednesday and Thursday, December 25th and 26th, with some damage.

Photo: Twitter screenshot

In anticipation of the storm this morning, residents of 14 states received a warning of a snow storm from California to Minnesota.

On December 27, the storm system is still in the southwest, bringing heavy rain to Arizona and New Mexico with heavy snowfall in the mountains.

Photo: Twitter screenshot

By Saturday, it is expected that the storm system will move to the center of the country. It will bring heavy snow to the Plains and heavy rain to the Great Lakes region and to the territory of the Midwest, and severe storms can spread further south from Texas to Tennessee.

A photo; twitter screenshot / @ Michael_Coons

The Meteorological Service said the wind with snow could create conditions of minimal visibility on Saturday night and Sunday.

By noon and Sunday evening, heavy rains will begin in the east, and severe storms are possible in Georgia and Alabama.

Heavy rains will even reach the northeast by Sunday evening.

Most of the snowfall will be observed in the Rocky Mountains, on the plains and in the upper midwest, where in some places there will be more fresh snow.

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