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How to survive severe frosts: useful tips

The United States faced cold air from the polar vortex. According to forecasters, frosts are expected in all US states, including Hawaii.

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Edition “Medusa”Gathered tips on how to survive the severe cold and snowfall.

1. Do not leave the house unnecessarily

The house is usually warm, so there is no need to take any additional actions. If it is cold at home, then:

  • eat Food at any temperature warms, but hot, of course, makes it better;
  • move. It is important to move a lot and not be in a static position for more than an hour;
  • wear several layers of clothing, it is better that it was clothing made of cotton, wool and a nap;
  • use a heating pad. If she is not at home, you can put a bottle of warm water under your side;
  • kindle open fire only if you are using an exhaust hood or can sometimes ventilate the room.

If there are elderly people at home, people with heart or lung diseases, then it is important to keep the temperature at least 18 ° C.

2. If you decide to go out, prepare well:

  • eat well before going out (if you are on the street for a short time, it is better to eat something sweet and hot and take some food bar with you);
  • Dress properly: wear a hat that covers the ears; something that protects the face (for example, a scarf); mittens (not gloves), not cramped, warm and waterproof shoes; wool socks, several layers of loose clothing. It is better that the bottom layer removes moisture well (wool, polyester and polypropylene, but not cotton) does an excellent job with this. The middle layer should serve as thermal insulation (this, for example, clothing made of fleece or wool). The outer layer is protection from wind and snow. All wet need to change as soon as possible.

If you have diabetes, heart disease or lung disease, if you drink, if you smoke, if you take beta-blockers, then you need to go out only when absolutely necessary - otherwise there is a risk to go to the hospital.

3. If you got frostbite

Mild frostbite can be recognized by red or even whitening soft skin, numbness and tingling will occur. Frozen place must be placed in a warm place. (hot) water. Brushes can be heated under the arms. Usually in 15 – 30 minutes everything becomes normal.

If it is a serious matter (the skin is white, hard), it is better to consult a doctor. But you can try to warm up the same way as with a slight frostbite. In the process it usually hurts, then it is recommended to take a painkiller. If there is no improvement, then you can’t do without a doctor.

In a situation where everything is quite serious (there are blisters, black areas), you should go to the doctor as soon as possible, and cover the frostbitten parts of the body with something sterile.

What you should never do:

  • rub hard the sore spot, including snow and vodka (or any other alcoholic beverages);
  • get warm with hot water or “dry heat” (for example, hair dryer).

With severe frostbite, hypothermia often occurs. And it is much more dangerous. A person in such a state of cold, he does not stop shivering, gradually it becomes difficult to move and speak. If you measure the temperature, it will be below 35 ° C.

In this case, you need to call an ambulance, get to a warm room, remove wet clothes, take cover, eat something sweet, drink warm (not alcoholic) and if possible actively move.

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