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11 things to keep in the car for emergencies

Car - a great tool for organizing a holiday or travel. However, in difficult situations, it can turn into a useless pile of metal and glass, and to get it out of a snowdrift, mud or water, you will have to seek help from another driver or rescuers.

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But if you have the right set of gadgets and tools in the car, you can do without help or significantly reduce its cost, as well as help other drivers cope with the emergency. The list of such tools collected edition Reviewed.

1. Light signals to prevent collisions

EL2639 LED LED flashes help create a safe zone for work on the side of the road, providing visibility to drivers of cars passing by.

They are bright, durable and waterproof, and can work up to 38 hours from three batteries type AAA.

2. Cut Resistant Gloves

Mechanic Original CR5A3 Cut Resistant Gloves gloves provide sufficient protection against sharp objects, but still retain the dexterity of hand movements.

The palms and fingers of the gloves are lined with Armortex, a rubberized material that will protect you from the sharpest surfaces, including broken glass or sharp metal parts.

3. Headband flashlight to keep your hands free while working

The white LED flashlight Nite Ize STS Headlamp is bright enough to illuminate the performance of almost any task and at the same time keep both your hands free. It can run on battery or 3 AAA batteries.

4. Communication tool that will help to call from a zone where there is no mobile coverage

SPOT GEN3 GPS Messenger uses satellites to communicate. If problems with the car found you in a zone without mobile coverage, the SPOT GEN3 GPS Messenger can save your life (you need to connect a service plan for it to work).

5. Recharge for any battery

NOCO GB150 - Li-ion battery with a capacity of 4000 liters, which can run anything: from Pinto or Peterbilt up to a 10-liter gasoline or diesel engine, which means that it is suitable for fumigating a battery or an engine of almost any car in the USA.

It has intrinsically safe connectors and reverse polarity protection, a working light on the 500 lumen and USB charging options. It also has a voltmeter to help you understand if your battery is causing car problems or if your car needs professional help. It all fits in a compact box.

6. Tire Sealing Device

The 12-volt Fix-A-Flat Ultimate will help compact and inflate a damaged tire without a jack. Connect it to the flat tire valve stem, and within a few seconds the tire will begin to fill with chemical sealant, which will allow you to quickly repair the tire for a while to get to the service station.

7. Compact tool for cutting seat belts and breaking windows

The Resqme Escape tool is small but powerful. If you have a car accident and are trapped inside your car, Resqme Escape is equipped with a blade designed to safely cut the seat belt without harming you or your passengers in the process. You can also use this tool to break the window of your car and get out of the car.

8. Car Safety Tool

Spyderco Assist & Leatherman Z-Rex - two high-quality multi-tasking tools that can, if necessary, open a locked door, cut the seat belt, break the glass or repair some parts of the car.

9. Strong adhesive tape

The tape of the Gorilla brand is wide, waterproof and with an extra thick adhesive backing, it can stick to any surface. Due to its bright color, it is noticeable from afar, so if you use it to paste a request for help on any part of your car, other drivers will easily notice it.

10. Emergency blanket / canvas to keep you warm or close a broken window

The SOL Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket is a large, lightweight tarp that is worth having in the trunk of every car. Regardless of whether you use it to keep warm while you wait for help, or to close a broken window, it will definitely be useful to you. Despite the fact that it weighs about 200 grams, the blanket is large enough to almost completely your car. It is wind and waterproof, and also has 90% heat rejection.

11. First Aid Kit

The Mountain Backpacker Medical Kit offers a first-aid kit kit in one affordable and convenient package. There are medications for indigestion before providing the necessary help to save lives after an accident with the necessary instructions for the use of drugs.

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