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In Florida, a shark attacked two surfers in one day: one was bitten on the face by the predator

This week in Central Florida, a shark bit two surfers in one day, reports Fox35.

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Bill Eveland was surfing on the afternoon of September 11 at Satellite Beach with his friends when he spotted a mullet nearby. One of his friends decided to return to shore, but Ivland made the last swim.

“When I wanted to get on the board, the shark seemed to deliver a glancing blow to my lower back on the right. I realized that I had been bitten,” Eveland said. “I looked to my right and saw the back of the shark - then it disappeared into the water.”

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His shark encounter cost him 25 stitches in the emergency room.

While he doesn't regret his decision, he has learned his lesson.

“I overdid my luck too much. I probably shouldn’t have swam,” Eveland said.

Bitten on the face

On the morning of September 12, another surfer near New Smyrna Beach came face to face with a shark.

Volusia County Beach Safety said a 38-year-old South Carolina man jumped off his board and encountered a shark underwater, which bit him in the face. He suffered non-life threatening injuries.

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Gavin Naylor, director of the University of Florida's shark research program, said what happened to the surfer was unusual.

“Being bitten in the face is really unfortunate and I feel bad for the guy,” he said. “If he landed on the shark, it probably felt insulted and turned around and reacted and bit him on the face.”

Surfers are hoping to take advantage of the strong surf caused by Hurricane Lee this week, and Eveland has one piece of advice.

“When the mullet are swimming along the beach, the best thing to do is get out and wait for them to pass and then you can come back and catch a few more waves,” he said.

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