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In the US, health workers massively refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19

US health workers are the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, but many across the country refuse to be vaccinated, writes New York Post.

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Earlier this week, Ohio Gov. Mike DeVine said about 60% of nursing home workers in his state chose not to get vaccinated.

More than half of New York's EMS staff were skeptical, The Post reported last month.

California and Texas now have high rejection rates for healthcare workers, according to reports.

The Los Angeles Times estimates, citing public health officials, that about 50% of health workers in California's Riverside County have given up the drug.

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More than half of the employees at California Hospital St. Elizabeth who were eligible for vaccinations did not, the newspaper writes.

A doctor at Houston Memorial Medical Center in Texas told NPR that half of the nurses at the facility refused to receive the vaccine, citing political reasons.

This is also reflected in a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll, which found that 29% of healthcare workers "hesitate to get vaccinated," the Times reported.

Anti-vaccine respondents said, among other things, that they were concerned about how the policy affected vaccine development.

A nurse at a California hospital, who decided not to get vaccinated because of her pregnancy, said her colleagues also refused vaccinations because they believed they could survive the pandemic without a vaccine.

“I think people are thinking, 'I can live to see the end of a pandemic without getting a vaccine,” said April Lou, a 31-year-old nurse at Holy Cross Medical Center in Providence.

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Harvard epidemiologist Mark Lipsitch said the high rejection rate not only among healthcare providers but also in the general population could be a problem.

“Our ability as a society to return to a higher level of functioning depends on protecting as many people as possible,” Lipsic said.

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