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KFC expects apology for rat fries

Photos: Devorise Dixon Facebook Page

Photos: Devorise Dixon Facebook Page

California fast food restaurant KFC demanded an apology from the buyer, accused institution selling him rat meat instead of chicken nugget. Representatives of the restaurant called the client a liar, after the DNA of the "rat" was examined in an independent laboratory.

The KFC explained that they not only turned to geneticists (who confirmed that the meat in chicken nuggets), but also conducted an internal investigation, interviewing all employees. These measures, according to network representative Rodrigo Coronel, proved that the buyer Devorays Dixon, who criticized the institution, was wrong. Dixon and the lawyer hired by him have not yet responded to the KFC statement.

Earlier it was reported that network managers tried to contact the client, but he refused to communicate with the company directly, hiring a lawyer for these purposes. The latter agreed to provide a piece of "french rats" for examination.

Earlier, in June, Dixon posted on social media a photo of a “nugget” similar in shape to a rodent. He stated that he was served a fried rat at a KFC restaurant. The company then commented on the situation, noting that chicken dishes prepared in the restaurant chain “often vary in size and shape.” However, after leading media outlets in different countries wrote about the story, KFC was forced to investigate the incident in more detail.

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