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An illegal immigrant calls on migrants to seize the homes of US citizens and laughs at Americans who 'work like slaves': he has become a social media star

Venezuelan migrant blogger Leonel Moreno escaped from US immigration authorities, and then in his videos on social networks called on illegal immigrants to seize American homes, reports New York Post.

A young social media influencer filming an informative video blog on camera with perfect lighting for online followers


In one of his videos, Moreno, a popular TikTok influencer, brandishes money while mocking American taxpayers for "working like slaves." In another video, he encouraged his fellow illegal immigrants to become squatters in American homes.

In a series of five short videos, he ridiculed fellow migrants who come to the US to work as janitors, construction workers and landscapers.

In previous videos, the blogger claimed that his family had received $350 a week in government assistance since entering the United States illegally. According to him, he earns up to $1000 a week on the video platform.

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On March 25, Moreno posted another video in which he sang about how he once made it to the White House. Not all of his viewers appreciated this video, and one commentator even called him a “clown,” reports FoxNews. Previously, the blogger told his audience that he plans to make a business out of “invading” abandoned houses and taking them over using squatters’ rights laws. He admitted that he then wanted to sell them for profit.

Ungrateful illegal immigrant

Moreno eluded ICE authorities shortly after illegally crossing the southern border into Texas in 2022.

The Venezuelan was initially enrolled in the Alternatives to Detention program, but was soon released due to a lack of space in detention centers.

He was placed on the program's "fugitive" list when he failed to show up for trial, internal Immigration and Customs Enforcement records show.

On March 27, after his TikTok account was blocked, the blogger took to Instagram to again ridicule American taxpayers. He posted a series of videos in which he showed stacks of money.

“I didn’t cross the Rio Grande to work like a slave,” Moreno said in one of his videos. “I came to the United States to define my territory.”

Waving a wad of $18 bills at the camera, the fugitive migrant claimed to have enough money to feed himself, his wife and child for at least XNUMX months without having to work.

“It hurts you because I earn more than you without putting in much work, and you work like slaves, do you understand? said Moreno. - That's the difference between you and me. I will always earn a lot of money without working hard, and you will always be exploited. You will be miserable, you will be nothing."

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“Yes, they closed my TikTok account, but I continue to make money on Facebook and Instagram. Of course, you can’t earn as much, but I’m going to get my TikTok account back and continue to earn money,” the blogger said.

Before the TikTok account was closed, Moreno had about 500 followers, compared to 000 on Instagram.

Unpunished behavior

In internal ICE records, immigration officials noted that Moreno "has been making national news for his viral TikTok activity that encourages illegal immigration."

He often brags about his income from panhandling and food stamps. The blogger began informing other migrants about how they could seize houses using squatter rights.

Local and immigration authorities say they are unaware of Moreno's current whereabouts. But he appears to be hiding in plain sight. The blogger posted a video that was filmed in front of a local police car in Gahanna, Ohio.

John Fabbricatore, former ICE office director, said what will happen to migrants who escape the Alternatives to Detention program. The feds probably won't track them down, he said. They only come to the attention of ICE again if they are arrested by local police officers.

“The ICE Alternatives to Detention program, despite its multibillion-dollar budget, does not meet required standards and has an alarmingly high escape rate. ICE is unable to track down fugitives and instead simply removes them from the program,” Fabbricatore explained.

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