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Trump Wall. When will construction start and who will pay for the project

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US President Donald Trump fulfilled one of his campaign promises and signed a decree on the construction of a wall on the border of the United States with Mexico. Official information posted on White House website.

Trump still insists that Mexico will end up paying for the wall, reports

The US leader told reporters that the order to begin construction of a wall on the border with Mexico would be given “relatively soon,” in “months.”

The President promised to obtain compensation from Mexico City for 100% of the costs of constructing the wall, specifying that this would most likely happen “at a later date.”

“I’m telling you that there will be payment. It will probably be in a complex form. What I do will be good for the United States, Mexico will be good too. We want Mexico to be stable and strong,” the head of state assured.

However, earlier the Mexican authorities have repeatedly stated that they do not intend to pay on the wall.

Last year, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto noted that the number of illegal immigrants from Mexico to the United States has decreased significantly since it reached its peak 10 years ago.

Moreover, according to experts, over the past few years, more Mexican citizens have left the United States than entered.

Trump estimates that many experts consider to be undervalued, erecting a barrier all along the border with Mexico will cost $ 12 billion, writes

Immediately after the presidential election, the Republican decided that part of the wall could be made in the form of a fence.

It is also expected that in the near future, Trump may sign orders, including temporary ban most refugees enter and stop issuing visas to citizens of Syria and 6 from other Middle Eastern and African countries. By another decree, the president will block the issuance of visas to citizens of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, said assistants and experts who spoke on condition of anonymity.

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