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The tallest man in the world met the smallest woman

The tallest man in the world met for the second time in his life with the shortest living woman. Their second meeting was no less shocking than the first, reports TheSun.


Sultan Kosen, 41, and Jyoti Amge, 30, met in California on February 19. Their height difference is staggering.

Kosen, from Turkey, is the tallest man in the world, standing at 2m 51cm. He is one of only 10 confirmed cases in history of someone standing 2m 40cm or taller.

Amge from India is the shortest living woman in the world, her height is 62,8 cm, her weight is 5,2 kg, which is less than even that of the average two-year-old child.

Both Kosen and Amge received their titles in 2011, when their names were included in the Guinness Book of Records.

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Amge's small stature is the result of achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism that has caused her to stop growing.

Kosen's height is due to a tumor that has caused him to develop a condition called pituitary gigantism. His height increased sharply when he was 10 years old.

The first meeting

The two record holders first met in 2018 thanks to an invitation from the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and Tourism to visit various historical sites.

In Egypt, they did some sightseeing before attending a conference at the Fairmont Nile City Hotel in Cairo.

A photo shoot at the Pyramids of Giza demonstrated, in fact, the world's largest height difference: Amge reached approximately Kosen's knee.
Now, five years later, they meet again.

Amazing photo shoot

In a new photo from a recent meeting, Amge was standing on Kosen's lap while he sat, and she only came up to his collarbone.

In another photo, Amge poses cheekily next to her shoe while repeating the finger-up gesture towards the camera.

In the next photo, Kosen is holding her shoe next to Amge, as if to show that it is almost the same size as the girl.

General wrestling

In an interview with Guinness World Records, Kosen said one of the challenges associated with his height is where to find suitable clothing and shoes.

He once held the record for the largest feet in the world: 36 cm.

Kosen said he had difficulty finishing school due to his height and once signed with the Galatasaray basketball team, but ended up being too tall to play.

When his world record helped the guy become famous, he underwent free life-saving surgery that stopped the growth process.

He said it was very difficult for him to fit into a normal sized vehicle.

Amga also has to be creative when it comes to clothes, which helps her develop a love for fashion and enter the world of creativity. Her clothes, jewelry, even plates and utensils are custom-made because regular items are too big for her.

She attended a regular school - she had a small desk and a special chair.

Amge also has the title of the shortest actress in the world. She starred in the fourth season of American Horror Story as Ma Petite.

“People like me may be small, but they can act,” she said in an interview with representatives of the Guinness Book of Records. “Ordinary people should not underestimate little people.”

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Amge loves attention to her person.

“When people see and recognize me, they all want to take pictures with me. Everyone stops me wherever I go. It brings me pleasure,” she admitted.

Unlike Amge, Kosen's height did not always help him in life.

“It’s very difficult to find a girl. “They’re usually afraid of me,” he noted in an interview after winning the title in 2011. “I hope now that I’m famous I’ll be able to meet a lot of girls.” My dream is to get married."

In October 2013, Kosen married Merva Dibo, whose height is 1 m 70 cm, and in 2016 he made his screen debut in the film “Achieving the Impossible.”

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