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Putin announced that he will run for president in 2024: this will be his fifth presidential term.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his decision to run for a fifth presidential term. This statement was made by him after the solemn ceremony of presenting the Heroes of Russia awards in the Kremlin. The publication reported on this Meduza.

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Putin informed the participant of the “special operation” (as the full-scale invasion of Ukraine is called in the Russian Federation), the speaker of the parliament of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic, Artem Zhoga, about his decision.

Zhoga shared his delight with reporters: “We are very glad that the president responded positively to our request for nomination, and all of Russia supports him.” He explained that many on the front line wondered whether Putin would participate in the elections, so while in the Kremlin, he addressed this question to the president.

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In addition to this, the Kremlin published a recording of Putin’s conversation with Zhoga.

In the video, the president, in response to Zhoga’s proposal to run, said: “Thank you very much, I won’t hide it, at different times I had different thoughts. But now, you are right, now is the time when you need to make a decision. I will run for the post of President of the Russian Federation.”

Other participants in the ceremony also joined Zhogi’s request.

Not for the plan

Sources close to the Kremlin claim that employees of the presidential administration, especially the political and information blocs under the leadership of Sergei Kiriyenko and Alexei Gromov, respectively, were counting on Vladimir Putin’s official announcement of his nomination for a fifth presidential term on December 14. It was planned that this would happen during the traditional live line, combined this year with the annual press conference.

However, the decision was announced a week earlier - on December 8.

Sources close to the presidential administration consider this step “virtually spontaneous,” noting that the administration did not have time to prepare it properly. Despite this, Putin's decision is supported.

“In theory, this shouldn’t be the case. The announcement of the nomination should be made personally and publicly, and not in a fuss. But the president wanted it that way,” the source said. Meduza.

Initially, earlier dates for announcing the decision were also considered, such as November 4, National Unity Day.

And advancement during the direct line was one of the most likely scenarios.

“We were preparing for a straight line - both the information block and the political block. The rationale for this option was clear: the people are worried, waiting, and one of their representatives is asking when Putin will come forward. But the president himself found it closer to communicating with the military,” explained an interlocutor close to the Kremlin.

Some believe that the announcement at the ceremony to honor Russia's heroes was "logical" given the importance of the military topic to the president.

While some members of the presidential administration have sought to "move away from the war" in the image of Putin, considering him disturbing to the public, a nomination at an awards ceremony or during a hotline could reassure the public.

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“Well, at least I didn’t come forward against the background of people in masks - and that’s thanks. Although the signal is not the most pleasant - we will continue to fight. Did the president himself want to present it so clearly? Honestly, I don’t know, it’s more of an impulsive, spontaneous desire. He himself lives in SVO and thinks that the Russians live in it,” the source said.

At the same time, another interlocutor close to the Kremlin emphasized that the Kremlin’s political bloc will, as before, try to build a presidential campaign through peaceful projects that should “calm down” voters.

Authorities and state media have already received instructions from the presidential administration to cover Putin's statement, recommending that he be called "the leader of the country - and the authority of ordinary heroes" who made Russians "feel proud of the country."

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