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A dog named Quasi Modo was named the ugliest dog in the United States.

The state of California held a competition to name the ugliest dog. The winner was a dog named “Quasi Modo”. He is already 10 years old, he is a mix of a Dutch shepherd and a pit bull. The dog was deformed by congenital spinal defects.

Quasi Modo ranked first among 25 other dogs. Its owner received a prize 1,5 thousands of dollars.

Previously, Quasi Modo lived in a shelter for dogs until he was taken to his veterinarian from Florida. He said that the unusual dog is often scared in the streets. There were cases when adult men confused him with a hyena and even with the Tasmanian devil and jumped onto the roofs of cars. But in fact, Quasi Modo is a very good-natured and affectionate dog.

The second and third place in this competition was taken by the Chihuahua mestizos and the Chinese Crested Rambo and Frodo.

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