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About Victory against the backdrop of the war: how Putin follows the path of Hitler

Tomorrow, May 8, marks the 77th anniversary of the victory over German fascism. The clarification “German” has become an invariable attribute of the victory date this year, as if emphasizing that modern fascism has not yet been defeated. Indeed, only two and a half months have passed since, for the first time since Hitler, a European country, without declaring war, launched a full-scale military invasion of another sovereign European country.

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In this short time, the number of refugees from Ukraine is approaching six million people, several cities (Mariupol, Volnovakha and others) are practically wiped off the face of the earth, the number of deaths in Mariupol alone exceeds twenty thousand people, and in Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka and other cities and towns left by the Russian military war crimesincluding mass rape, torture and execution of civilians.

The date of May 9, which is still of great importance for many Russian-speaking immigrants, today causes alarm around the world, and the world media guessingWhat will follow on this day: the annexation of new territories or general mobilization in Russia? “Victory” symbols, which since 2014 have been actively used by Moscow to seize part of the territory of Donbass, today have finally become a symbol of aggression. A logical question arises: is it worth remembering that last war against the backdrop of the horrors of the current one, especially considering how cynically this memory is used by the aggressor country to justify the war it unleashed?

Scary analogies

And yet it is worth remembering, if only because, contrary to Russian propaganda, to be able to correctly see historical analogies and for the second time try to draw lessons not previously learned from history. These analogies are sometimes scary and painful, but still worth knowing. Russian propaganda is actively trying to present the victims of its aggression as "neo-fascists", respectively, declaring themselves the heirs of the winners. However, in reality, everything is exactly the opposite.

It's not just about the bombing of Kyiv, which began, according to tradition, at exactly 4 o'clock in the morning, and the "half-wastika" Z, which is periodically found either as a decoration for the famous "17 Moments of Spring" on the streets of cinema-Berlin, or on sunken German destroyers. And not only in the most severe repressions of any opponents of the war and roller-skates-flash mobs, for which the hymns of the Third Reich are asking, although in them too. First of all, the point is in the deepest essence of what is happening, about which even experienced Russian propagandists sometimes blurt out.

For example, back in January, the Kremlin ideologist Alexander Dugin with the utmost frankness spent on its portal direct analogies of the German and Putin's "revenge". "The Treaty of Versailles was so humiliating for Germany that revenge like Hitler's National Socialism was a foregone conclusion by the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. The West did the same with Russia in the 90s (1990s - Ed.). But under Putin, Russia has grown stronger, become a pole and began to behave sovereignly', he confessed.

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Recently, another recognized Kremlin “expert on Ukraine” shared similar revelations. Rostislav Ishchenko on the website, which is officially part of the Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency. Speaking with cautious criticism of those wishing to launch a tactical nuclear strike on Warsaw, he recalled that Russia should not repeat the Fuhrer's mistake. "Hitler believed that Great Britain and France would not declare war on him because of the attack on Poland ... But the war was declared", - warned he is too "hot" associates.

In parallel with this, frankly insane conspiracy theories began to appear more and more often in the mainstream Telegram channels, describing Jewish conspiracy, in which the "Jewish Masonic sect-mafia" set as the goal "expand living space at the expense of Ukraine and Russia". After that statements Russian foreign ministers Sergei Lavrov about the "Jewish roots of Hitler" no longer seem surprising.

Russian propagandists do not hidethat “denazification” means total de-Ukrainization and complete reformatting of the national identity of Ukrainians. They completely dehumanize Ukraine naming her "US chain dog", and its defenders -"nonhumans" and "thugswho are… the dirtiest, most misanthropic part of society fed by the financial oligarchs". In parallel, they dehumanize the West representing his "decaying" and distraught, and on this basis stating that the liberation of the world from the "Anglo-Saxon world order" is "the historical mission of Russia" - one more thought, picked up talkative Lavrov.

All this, together with constant threats nuclear strike finally completes the picture: Russia denies the right to exist to entire states and nations and declares war on entire civilizations. Under the pretext of "liberating" countries and peoples that have never asked for any liberation, Moscow is waging wars of conquest, almost verbatim copying as a pretext Hitler's speech dated September 1, 1939 and others propaganda structures Reich.

The same site periodically reposts in its Telegram channel calls to hang defenders of Mariupol from trucks on the streets"attaching signs “I am a Banderaite” to their chests and gathering people to watch". Recall that this is exactly what the Nazis did with the Soviet partisans. Ukrainians are compared to "wild" and "white walkers" who, I quote, "cannot be cured, therefore must be disposed of". This list can be continued indefinitely.

80 years later ...

But there are other, no less terrible analogies. American Paula Chertok somehow already told Forum Daily about how her family left Mariupol in 1941 just a few hours before it was occupied by the Germans. At that time, trains no longer ran, and people got out of the city on their own: on foot or on horseback with carts. Paula's future mother, Anna, was 16 at the time.

«Streams of people left the city. They soon reached a fork. One road went to Rostov, the other to Taganrog. I no longer remember which one our family chose, but later it turned out that everyone who went the other way died during the air attack. It was so close to my mother that she saw with her own eyes the shelling and death of children under the bombs.', recalls Paula.

Her mother and grandmother miraculously survived, and her grandfather, who remained in Mariupol, on the contrary, was sure that they had died, and blamed himself for sending his family to evacuation to certain death. He was shot along with other Jews of Mariupol.

Now let's fast forward to our days. That's how describes the evacuation of people from Russian shelling by a volunteer of the Central Park Angels Foundation Olga Shved.

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«I remember how a mother with a seven-year-old child traveled from Mariupol. They were taken to the district center, where the volunteers ran out of petrol. I had to leave the car, after which I had to walk for several hours, and then on passing cars to get to the nearest village. Refugees and volunteers had to spend several days in the village looking for gasoline. We gave them money for gasoline, but it was impossible to find it there.».

Volunteers do not hide: columns of refugees are often fired upon, and this applies to both cars and pedestrians.

«People run at their own risk, because they understand that if they stay where they are, they will most likely be killed anyway. Our guys had to take them out on mined roads avoiding mines, put metal shields on car doors so that they could protect them from at least some of the bullets, write “children” on cars, draw crosses. Our buses are also shot, some volunteers are killed, others are captured”, - the volunteer conveyed the situation in detail.

This is how my friend described her evacuation from Mariupol to me Maria Krivchenkova. According to her, people left realizing that they could die, without any humanitarian corridors, and the car of her neighbors was shot at point-blank range.

The meaning of victory

And yet, Victory Day is a symbol of hope and a reminder that wars end sooner or later, and state fascism has no future, despite all the propaganda tricks. Countries that start aggressive wars face defeat sooner or later, and a people that is ready to die for its freedom cannot be defeated by force.

Humanity, once faced with the horror of fascism, already understands better what exactly it is dealing with, and therefore, I would like to hope, will support the victims who have taken the brunt of this evil as much as possible. Of course, it is worth remembering all those who gave their lives in the fight against the "previous Nazis", including Ukrainians, Georgians, Armenians, Chechens, Azerbaijanis, Americans and representatives of many, many countries and peoples, about which писал Forum Daily in previous years. Peaceful sky to all of us and a speedy victory over evil!

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