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Forbes has found the assets of Khodorkovsky in the US for 2 billion dollars

Ex-shareholders of Yukos may again be among the richest Russians: they own property in the United States, Britain, Vietnam and Ukraine.

One of the greatest mysteries of the last decade: where have the billions of dollars of Yukos dividends disappeared? From 1999 to 2003, the oil company paid its shareholders about $ 3,7 billion. If the funds went to the company's beneficiaries, then only former YUKOS President Mikhail Khodorkovsky could get about $ 2,3 billion. Before his arrest in 2003, Khodorkovsky was the richest Russian in the global Forbes rating ( 16-e place, $ 15 billion).

The Yukos bankruptcy trustee, Eduard Rebgun, during the trial over Khodorkovsky and Lebedev testified that Yukos’s foreign accounts in 2003 left $ 9,6 billion in retained earnings — he did not specify how much money had accumulated. The Russian authorities were unable to get to foreign assets - the courts refused to freeze and transfer the foreign assets of Yukos shareholders.

Forbes managed to discover part of the foreign assets of Yukos partners.

On the Miami Beach Administration website published Investor structure of the Quadrum Atlantic SPC fund managed by Quadrum Global. The co-owners of the fund include six trusts from the island of Guernsey, their former beneficiaries for Yukos: Mikhail Khodorkovsky (Corbiere Trust), Platon Lebedev (Mensa Trust), Vladimir Dubov (Draco Trust and Dolphin Trust) and Mikhail Brudno (Aquarius Trust and Auriga Trust ) (see diagram).

Under the management of Quadrum Global assets worth $ 2 billion, including real estate in the United States, Great Britain, Vietnam, Ukraine and Georgia, the company’s website says. Among them, nine hotels with a number of rooms about 2200 rooms in the states of Florida and Illinois, as well as in Manhattan. In addition, the list of assets includes office buildings in the center of New York and London with a total area of ​​86 000 square. m., shopping center in Tbilisi on 65 000 square. m, a logistics center in the suburbs of Kiev on 70 000 square. m. and 127 000 square. m housing in Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh City.

Thus, if Quadrum Global’s assets are divided equally into all ex-shareholders of YUKOS (as in a fund), they would be able to once again qualify for places on the Russian Forbes list. Provided that the foundation has no debts and its beneficiaries and founders are the same people.

Last year, the minimum threshold for the richest Russians in 200 ranking was $ 450 million, and this year it will be lower.

Last year brudno I told Bloomberg, that their main business with Oak is about ten properties and hotels in the United States, in particular buildings in New York, Florida and Illinois, but said nothing about the size of the assets and the participation of Lebedev and Khodorkovsky.

All faces of cube

Cube Capital officially reported that it invested around $ 1 billion worldwide. Cube has several funds - the Cube Global Opportunities and the Cube Global Multi-Strategy Fund, and in 2012, the company opened one of the funds for outside investors. The company’s current structure of investors could not be found, but according to a former employee of YUKOS, in 2004-2006 it was similar to the structure of the owners of the Menatep group (a company from Gibraltar, the main owner of YUKOS shares) and among them were seven trusts. Before the arrest of Platon Lebedev, Khodorkovsky belonged to 59,5% Menatep, 8% belonged to Leonid Nevzlin, according to 7% of the company - Lebedev, Dubov, Brudno and Vasily Shakhnovsky.

Khodorkovsky's representative refused to discuss his business. Platon Lebedev said that at the moment he does not legally own anything. Brudno and Dubov did not begin to answer questions from Forbes.

Quadrum Global stood out in 2013 from Cube Capital, where one of the managers was former Menatep employee Oleg Pavlov. He is also the founder of Quadrum.

Since the beginning of 2000's, Cube Capital has been managing the assets of the former shareholders of Yukos, said two former employees of Yukos and two managers.

In addition to Pavlova, Cube continues to manage the assets of Yukos shareholders and other former Menatep employees - Alan Sipols, Francois Boucle and Mikhail Afanasyev (for more details see the left-hand help “All Facets of the Cube”).

Pavlov did not answer questions from Forbes.

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