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Fireworks cause toxic air pollution

Specialists from the US Environmental Protection Agency conducted air studies before and after the fireworks that took place on July 4.

It turned out that in the polluted air of big cities, fireworks are dangerous. They lead to toxic pollution, which has a very negative impact on people's health.

Due to fireworks, particles of dust, dirt, soot, droplets burst and become microparticles, the size of which is about 1 / 30 of the diameter of a human hair. These tiny particles then easily penetrate into the lungs. This can cause serious health problems: coughing, asthma, shortness of breath, heart attacks and strokes, even premature death.

Studies have shown that the air was most polluted between 9 and 10 hours of July 4. Just at this time in all cities there were festive fireworks. The concentration of hazardous substances began to decline gradually by noon on July 5.

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