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Johnny Depp married his 28-year-old sweetheart Amber Heard

Hollywood actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard on Tuesday, February 3, officially registered their marriage. The ceremony was held at a celebrity home in Los Angeles, People magazine reported Wednesday, citing its own sources.

Earlier it was reported that February 7-8 on Depp’s personal island in the Bahamas will host another ceremony to which 50 friends and relatives of the couple have been invited. The event will be attended by the children of Depp from his first marriage. The bride will wear a dress by designer Stella McCartney. Part of the guests will be placed by the groom on their yacht Vajoliroja.

51-year-old Depp and 28-year-old Heard were engaged for about a year. They met on the set of the movie "The Rum Diary" in 2012.

Johnny Depp broke up with his previous lover, Vanessa Paradis, in June 2012, after 14 years of life together. Then it was reported that Depp left Paradie to Amber Heard, subsequently the information was confirmed. Johnny and Amber live together for about two years. Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp were not officially married and repeatedly said that they were in no hurry to formalize their relationship. During their romance, the actors had two children, a daughter Lily-Rose and a son Jack. Vanessa was the first to whom Johnny reported about the upcoming wedding.

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