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Jill Biden Decorates the White House for Christmas: She Wants Decorations to 'Bring Out Everyone's Inner Child'

Jill Biden, wife of US President Joe Biden, wants everyone who visits the White House on Christmas to feel like a child again, reports Yahoo.

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Visit the White House during the holidays and stroll under the branches of the Christmas tree. Walk down the hallway decorated with huge holiday candies and other sweets. See Santa's sleigh and his eight reindeer suspended spectacularly above the grand foyer.

According to the White House, the decor included ninety-eight Christmas trees, nearly 34 ornaments, more than 000 bells and more than 22 candles. Almost 000 lights illuminate trees, garlands, wreaths and other objects, and almost 350 meters of ribbon are part of it all. Seventy-two wreaths with red ribbons decorate the northern and southern facades of the building.

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“Each holiday room is designed to capture the pure, unfiltered excitement and images of our childhood, so we can look at this time of year through the wonderful, sparkling eyes of children,” says the First Lady.

On Nov. 27, she will host a reception where she will formally unveil the decor and thank the nearly 300 designers and decorators who volunteered to spend the past week transforming the White House. You can watch the live broadcast of the event, which will begin at 13:00 New York time here.

“Magic, wonder and joy” is the theme for this year, the Bidens’ third year in the White House.

The whimsical array of oversized decorations is intended to evoke feelings of childlike joy, White House aides say.

On the two public floors of the White House, the decor includes numerous references to the 200th anniversary of the publication of the poem and book commonly known as "Twas the Night Before Christmas" (officially "A Visit from St. Nicholas").

The Library of Congress has provided samples of editions of the book from the last 200 years, which are displayed in protective cases in the first floor hallway. A large copy of a sugar cookie book is open to a page with the words "Merry Christmas Everyone and Good Night Everyone."

First visitors

The White House allowed the media to see trees, lights and other decorations before the opening. National Guard families who were invited as part of Joining Forces, a White House initiative to show appreciation for military families, will be among the first members of the public to see the decorations.

Children from these and other military families also attended a matinee performance by the cast of the North American tour of Disney's Frozen.

One of the first Christmas trees visitors see upon entering the White House is decorated with gold-colored wooden stars engraved with the names of fallen service members.

What's inside

The official White House Christmas tree stands 5,6 meters tall in its usual location in the Blue Room. A toy train runs around its base.

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The formal dining room has been transformed into Santa's workshop, with elf workbenches, stools and ladders surrounding Christmas trees, and tools and unfinished gifts pepper the decor.

The dining room is a common scene for a traditional gingerbread White House. It is assembled from 40 sheets of sugar cookie dough for the copy of the book and 40 sheets of gingerbread dough for the house, 41 kilograms of marshmallows, cake decorating paste, 14 kilograms of chocolate and 23 kilograms of royal icing.

The library honors the tradition of bedtime stories with dangling golden moons and twinkling stars. The Chinese Room has been converted into a candy store selling baked goods, and the Vermeil Room celebrates music by displaying rotating large Marine Corps band figurines with trumpets.

Glowing candles and stained glass windows in the Green Room celebrate faith, while the holiday craft theme is the Red Room.

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The official White House menorah is on display in the Hall of the Cross, connecting the State Dining Room and the East Room, decorated with trees and various advent calendars.

The first lady says she knows magic, wonder and joy can be hard to find, especially as the days get shorter, the weather gets colder, "and our hearts grow heavy in the face of a hectic world."

“But it is in these times, when we are looking for hope and healing, that we need these points of light most, we need each other most,” she says. “It’s in moments like these that I hope you remember, even just for a moment, how you saw the world as a child.”

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