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$ 52 fine for 500 minutes of aggression: what can it cost you to violate the rules on the plane

This week, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it intends to seek fines totaling more than $ 100 from four passengers on recent flights. This amount also includes a $ 000 penalty to the person who was arrested for trying to open the cockpit door and hitting the flight attendant in the face. More told USA Today.

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Airlines have reported a number of disturbing incidents in recent months. Many are linked to passengers who were drunk or refused to wear face masks (this is still a federal requirement, even after health officials relaxed mask wearing rules last week).

The FAA says it received over 1300 airline complaints this year. The agency says it is taking a zero-tolerance stance towards unruly passengers - not giving them advice, but going straight to coercive measures, including civil sanctions.

The most egregious incidents occurred on a Delta Air Lines flight in December from Honolulu to Seattle. The FAA reported that the man tried to open the cockpit door and attacked the flight attendant by hitting him twice - the second time after escaping from the plastic handcuffs. Then the police took him into custody.

The FAA has announced a $ 27 fine to a man flying on New Year's Day aboard Southwest Airlines for shouting and threatening to blow up a plane with a bomb. The pilots made an unscheduled landing in Oklahoma City, where the man was detained.

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Two passengers on other flights face fines for refusing to wear a mask. The Federal Aviation Administration has announced more than a dozen cases of serious potential passenger behavior misconduct in recent weeks.

None of the passengers were identified. They have 30 days to file a protest with the FAA.

Another similar attack occurred recently on an American Airlines flight from Tokyo to Dallas.

According to court documents, 26-year-old Waka Suzuki became angry over a faulty charger, as a result of which she pushed the crew members, and then tried to get into the cockpit, writes Kiro7.

The incident forced the pilot to land the plane in Seattle. There were 60 passengers and 13 crew members on the flight.

According to the documents, Suzuki asked the flight attendant to help charge her phone, but then got angry when the gadget didn't charge. She reportedly started yelling at the crew.

According to the prosecutor's office, the passenger, unhappy with the additional attempts of the crew to help her, ran to the front of the plane. The woman reportedly pushed the crew members apart, stepped on their feet and ran to the cockpit.

When Suzuki approached the door, according to investigators, she knocked on it and asked for help in charging her phone.

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According to the court records, the flight attendants tried several more times to calm Suzuki, but she continued to scream and did not obey. The incident was then notified to the FAA and a Level XNUMX lockdown was initiated, causing the pilot to direct the plane to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

During the flight, the woman was put on flexible cuffs by the crew after two of them were attacked.

When the plane touched down in Seattle, the woman reportedly stayed on board for almost 30 minutes - refusing to get off.

Seattle Port Police and US Customs and Border Protection agents were waiting for her.

After leaving the plane, the woman was interrogated by customs officers. They said that she admitted she was angry over a faulty charger. And also, in her words, the flight attendants were "rude and dismissive."

According to the court records, Suzuki told investigators that one of the crew members spat on her, while others pushed her to the ground, after which she began to punch and push.

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