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COVID-19 vaccination can provide you with food for a whole year: how to apply

Kroger Health, a division of supermarket chain Kroger, is launching a COVID-19 Vaccination Promotion Initiative by giving out money and free food to people who get vaccinated through their programs. The edition told in more detail AL.

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The Community Immunity Giveaway Campaign began in June and provides individuals, including Kroger customers and employees, the opportunity to win one of five $ 1 million payouts and 50 chances of winning free products for a full year.

“The sooner we get to immunize the community, the sooner we can enjoy backyard barbecues, live music and special occasion parties again,” said Rodney McMullen, Chairman and CEO of Kroger.

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Each week, the company will select one of the winners, each of whom will receive $ 1 million, and 10 winners to receive a grocery stock, according to website.

All legal residents of the country aged 18 and over who are physically resident in the United States who have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine from Kroger are eligible to participate.

You can register to participate in the lottery by link.

Other states also keep up with lotteries. For more information on what you can get in different states for vaccinations, read our material.

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In the U.S. vaccine lottery Special Projects COVID-19
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