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In Texas, inflatable barriers will be installed on the way of illegal immigrants

Texas to install floating barrier along Rio Grande to deter migrants from illegally crossing river into US, reports The New York Post.

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This was announced on June 8 by Gov. Greg Abbott.

The first 300-meter section will be installed on July 7 near Eagle Pass, which city officials say is a key entry for illegal border crossings.

According to Abbott, the inflatable contraption consists of interconnected 1,2m-wide spherical buoys that rotate around their axis when you try to climb them.

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They can be moved and expanded to cover hotspots where asylum seekers make their way to the US.

Security measures at the border

The water barrier is only part of Abbott's latest effort to prevent new migrants from entering the country through the Lone Star State.

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On June 8, the governor signed a package of six new border security bills to "protect Texans from record levels of illegal immigration, guns and lethal drugs entering Texas from Mexico caused by President Biden's failure to secure the border," his office said in a statement.

Last month, the Texas legislature allocated $5,1 billion for border security.

According to Texas Department of Public Safety director Steve McCraw, Cochrane USA's first 300-meter floating barrier will cost the state $1 million.

McCraw said he thought the barrier would prevent migrants from even entering the water when asked if it would pose a danger to those trying to cross the river.

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The local sheriff of Maverick County, which includes Eagle Pass, welcomed the idea. He said his deputies retrieve one or two bodies from the Rio Grande every day because many migrants drown trying to cross it.

“I am for anything that prevents us from finding a dead body on the river bank,” he said.

Abbott and other Republican border state governors have repeatedly criticized the Biden administration for not doing more to stop the influx of migrants entering the country illegally.

Many governors, including Abbott, have also begun delivering migrant buses to liberal cities that bill themselves as "sanctuary cities" such as New York.

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