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Hidden Gem: Rare Pink Sand Beach in California Worth Seeing

You've never seen anything like this stunning pink sand beach in California. Only in Your State.

Photo: Shutterstock

You don't have to go to the Caribbean to enjoy a walk along the pink sand beach - there is a gorgeous beach right here in America. California's Pfeiffer Beach is a stunning stretch of lilac-pink sand, one of the West Coast's finest hidden gems.

Pink sand beaches are rare; there are only a few of them in the world. Fortunately, California's Pfeiffer Beach is one of them.

So what makes the sand so colorful here? It acquires its beautiful hue thanks to the pomegranate on the rocks surrounding the beach.

That's right - this beach is adorned with crushed gems.

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The shade of the sand here actually fluctuates between purple and pink, depending on the light.

And pink is not always noticeable, so seeing it is a special experience.

Since it is located off the main Big Sur road, Pfeiffer Beach is usually pretty deserted.

There are several picnic areas and a small parking lot, but otherwise it's just you, the sea and the amazing sand.

As you might expect, the sunsets are truly unrealistic here.

Photo: Shutterstock

The turquoise color of the water perfectly sets off the color of the sand.

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To find this special cove, head to Sycamore Canyon Road in Big Sur. You will find the path to the beach just behind the mailboxes.

This place is truly magical.

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