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'This is the only reality show where everyone comes out a winner': Pavel Dmitriev shares his impressions of the first season of 'Our Sect'

Completed first season of “Our Sect” - one of the most unusual reality shows of recent years. Ten brave participants have already made an exciting journey into the depths of their essence, where reality and mysticism merge into one. Every episode of a new reality show begins with these promising words. And about what is behind them and what difficulties the seekers of psychedelic enlightenment had to face, we asked the author and spiritual inspirer of “Our Sect” - an American millionaire and philanthropist Pavel Dmitrieva.

Participants of the show “Our Sect”. Photo: show press service

— The popularity of ayahuasca and mushroom retreats is growing every year. But the topic of psychedelics is extremely personal and, probably, therefore closed. How did you come up with the idea of ​​bringing the entire retreat process to the big screen?

- This is a common misconception. The topic of psychedelic self-development is taboo not because retreat participants want it. They have nothing to hide. Anyone who has experienced this is open to the world and is ready to share his impressions. Completely different people are telling us to keep quiet. In entheogens (plants containing psychedelic substances - Ed.) huge healing potential. This also applies to the treatment of so-called incurable diseases. Hundreds of scientific studies have already been published confirming the effectiveness of dimethyltryptamine and psilocybin against alcohol, nicotine and drug addiction, depression, post-traumatic and obsessive-compulsive disorders, and diabetes. There are documented cases of sustained remission of cancer. It is extremely unprofitable for medical functionaries to see what journalists have already called a psychedelic renaissance. Therefore, they are against experimental treatments, retreats and the legalization of psychedelics. But I believe that this process cannot be stopped.

“But in a state of altered consciousness, a person behaves strangely.” In addition, nausea, vomiting and other unpleasant phenomena are possible. Are you sure that all this was worth showing to a wider audience?

— Of course, the physiological details remained behind the scenes. But people themselves want to know what exactly happens at retreats. “Our Sect” is so far the only project in the world that gives a comprehensive picture of this. Lack of information breeds mistrust. You read, for example, reviews of celebrities. Sheer delight, but no specifics. One involuntarily gets the impression that they want to deceive you. I went through this myself in my first ayahuasca ceremony. The first day didn’t impress me then, and I almost had a fight with the shaman. I shouted to him to pour me a man’s portion of his broth. Like, I grew up in Brooklyn, I’m not to be trifled with. Now I understand that you can’t behave this way. Mushrooms and teacher plants should be treated responsibly and with respect. Then ayahuasca gave me such a cleansing that it seemed as if I would not live until the morning. This is called ego death. I died and the next morning I was resurrected renewed, full of strength and fresh ideas.

— Did this also happen to the participants of the first season of your show?

— Ego death and rebirth? Of course. Well, there were no conflicts, because we carefully selected the participants. They all watched my videos, read my books “Encyclopedia of Ayahuasca and Amazonian Shamanism”, “Concentration Camp Planet”, “Mushroom Manifesto”. In short, they already know more about psychedelic enlightenment than 99% of the people on the planet. But even such trained people encounter difficulties, which require an experienced guide to overcome. For example, one of the participants flatly refused to continue the ceremony. He suddenly realized that he could achieve anything, but he did not understand why. After some time, it dawned on him that it was pride that prevented him from accepting the wisdom of the mushrooms.

— When ill-wishers hear about a meeting with the Creators and exorcism sessions, they may decide that your community is truly a sect. And it turns out you played along with them. Why did you choose this name?

- That is why. It is impossible to prove anything to convinced haters; all that remains is to ridicule them. They ignore both participant feedback and scientific research results. I recently founded the Immortality Research Institute and began collaborating with George Einstein, a professor of medicine and biophysics, and also a relative of that same Einstein. We will conduct a large-scale trial of my method of treating incurable diseases with entheogens, and George will document everything with academic precision. I have no doubt that this will not be enough for the haters.

But, as they say in such cases, the dogs bark, but the caravan moves on. I have already revolutionized the alternative medicine market, and this is just the beginning. Graduates of Hypno-Coaching earn from $10 a month helping people. Psychedelic retreats change lives as if with the snap of a finger. Only the result matters. And “Our Sect” is a really apt name. Bright, memorable.

Moment from the show “Our Sect”. Photo: show press service

— What is the legality of what is happening?

— I have lived in the USA since 1995, so I have no habit of breaking the law. Filming took place in Jamaica, where everything we do as part of the project is absolutely legal. In 2021, I was approached by Jamaican Government Senator Sapphire Longmore. Our psychedelic ceremonies helped her fight cancer, and since then she has been an active advocate for further relaxation of psychedelic laws. There are successes on this front in the United States as well. Psilocybin has already been decriminalized in the capital, legalized in Oregon, Colorado and in select cities in four other states. Even the conservative FDA has officially designated psilocybin's treatment of mental disorders as a breakthrough therapy. In this regard, tectonic shifts are now taking place, and I am glad that the Immortality Research Institute team also had a hand in this.

— According to the rules, the winner of the audience vote will receive $10. Don’t you think this encourages participants to pretend? And in general, is the competitive aspect appropriate in a reality show about self-development?

- This is a pleasant bonus, nothing more. All of our participants are graduates of the American Academy of Hypnosis or the American Academy of Business, so you definitely won’t surprise them with a “ten”. And they know for sure that mushrooms help only those who want to rise not above others, but above themselves. Therefore, there is no competition between them. On the contrary, the entire first season passed in a friendly atmosphere. And it’s not surprising, because “Our Sect” is the only reality show where everyone comes out a winner. And to some I also offer assistance in opening their own retreat center and further partnership. Estimated income is from $250 to $000 per year. But even this is nothing compared to the possibilities that will open up for each participant after the mushroom ceremonies and the correct integration of the psychedelic experience.

Pavel Dmitriev. Photo: show press service

— What to expect from the second season of “Our Sect”?

— As they say, the recipe for an ideal sequel is to give the viewer even more of what they liked in the first part. Therefore, there will definitely be even more transformations, healings and personal stories of the participants. Perhaps we will show our ceremonies in more detail and talk about the tools we use. We must not forget that this is the first such project in the world. Therefore, mistakes are inevitable. Can we do better? Of course, we will do it too. Now our employees are collecting feedback from Academy students and viewers who are not so deeply immersed in the topic of psychedelic enlightenment. Recommendations and constructive criticism are welcome. This is a reality show about personality transformation. So not only our members - the entire “Our Sect” will soon also become the best version of itself.

The practices of ayahuasca and mushroom retreats are illegal in the United States. “Our Sect” is an entertaining television show featuring professional actors. All scenes involving the use of mushrooms in the context of the show are filmed in countries where the activity is legal.

If you are sick, consult a medical specialist, do not self-medicate and do not use psychoactive substances!

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