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Double standards in raising children: 22 actions for which rich parents are praised and poor parents are condemned

Being a parent is difficult for many reasons, and it seems like society is intent on judging your every decision. Subscribers spoke about the worst double standards regarding rich and poor parents BuzzFeed.


The BuzzFeed Community recently polled users about the worst double standards that society applies to rich and poor parents. The responses were overwhelming. Let's note the most interesting thoughts among commentators.

1. “Remember when Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell talked about not bathing your kids until they were visibly dirty or smelly? Officials from social services would start coming to ordinary families because of a neglectful attitude if parents did not bathe their children,” wrote user maryd427057014.

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2. “Is it possible to force a child to do housework or get a job? If rich parents do this, then society believes that they are great - they teach the child responsibility and that money does not fall from the sky. When the poor do this, then, according to society, they exploit the child and do not allow him to enjoy his childhood,” an anonymous user shared his opinion.

3. “Rich people have no problem naming their children unique names, since their offspring may never have to work. But poor parents who give their children unusual names are ridiculed by society, and it will be more difficult for these children to find work,” another person noted on the community page.

4. “If rich people eat a vegetarian or vegan diet, it is a lifestyle choice that will keep their family healthy. But the poor will be immediately judged for making such a choice and will be told that they don’t eat meat because they can’t afford it,” wrote grant101010.

5. “The presence of soda and snacks in the house is perceived differently. If it's a "beverage fridge" or a "snack drawer" organized by colors and flavors, it's aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. If it's a 12-pack of Coke stuck in the refrigerator or a bunch of boxes stacked in the pantry, then it's unhealthy food,” noted grant101010.

6. “For the rich, picking up their children from school during the school day is normal, while for the poor it is a sign of some problems,” an anonymous participant shared his thoughts.

7. “Most rich mothers are ashamed to work, but if they happen, they are admired. If they work in a responsible and highly paid position, then they are called the boss. When a poor mother works two shifts at a grocery store, then she is the scum of society,” a user commented on the difference.

8. “The attitude is different in the case of nanny services. For example, Kardashian can afford a nanny because the family runs their empire and has limited time. But when a low-income single parent sends their child to daycare or hires a nanny, that parent should be ashamed for not paying attention to their child. The same is true when a celebrity or rich person goes to a party. Such a trip is perceived by society as entertainment, and in this case the single parent is accused of neglecting his child,” shared arflurer87.

9. “When poor parents cannot afford to give their child extravagant gifts, it is neglect. But if rich people don’t give gifts, it’s called minimalism,” the user noted.

10. “It is frowned upon for the poor to spend money on their children because it will supposedly spoil them. But for wealthier families, spending millions on an heir to their parental capital is simply in the order of things,” emphasized ph4sm487.

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11. “Rich parents are allowed not to vaccinate their children because they have “done their own research” and can afford to treat them if they get sick. But poor parents who don’t vaccinate are considered ignorant,” another user complained.

12. “If a rich parent lets their kid have a sip of wine or beer, that's fun and cool. But the poor parent will be immediately condemned for this, because he is making his children alcoholics,” wrote an indignant parent.

13. “If your parents are rich and you wear dirty or holey clothes, then it’s considered a trend. But poor children are called squalor for wearing the same clothes,” kayblu02 complains.

14. “Rich children are not prohibited from wearing used clothes. In their case, it is “frugality”. And when poor kids do it, it’s “buying second-hand things,” noted danythecat5.

“Similarly, if you are rich and inherited a jacket you liked from your parents or grandparents, it will be called vintage. But if you are poor, you will be ridiculed for wearing second-hand clothes,” imaginaryximageryx supported him.

15. “In rich families, parents are often away from home for a long time. They are busy or traveling. But if poor parents have to leave, then they are condemned for not being with their children,” said another double standard, Stephaniev23.

16. “If you are rich and your child is studying at home rather than at school, then you want to give him exclusive educational opportunities. If you are poor and your child is homeschooled or self-schooled, then you will be looked at strangely and considered a religious nut,” the user reported on the sore point.

17. “Children of rich people can take a break from their studies for years, but children from poor families who do not immediately graduate are considered lazy slackers who refuse to grow up,” an anonymous user supported him.

18. “If you are rich and you send your children to boarding school or prep school, you are setting them up for future success. If you are poor and you send your children to live with a relative who has more money or lives in a better school district, then you are lazy and you are leaving your children in the care of others,” dellarock said.

19. “Parents who out of necessity send their children to summer camp because they need to work are criticized and judged. But when rich people send their children on vacation, this is considered new opportunities and necessary experience,” sweetelf57 expressed his opinion.

20. “Private schools for rich kids in the US are highly rated and funded by colleges. But ordinary vocational schools are considered worthless, although the requirements in them, as a rule, are higher than in a private school,” noted kennedys42160c0ba.

21. “If you're poor, your reuse of paper plates, napkins, plastic bags, glass jars, etc. is considered squalid, and kids make fun of their peers for it. But in the case of rich people, this approach is called environmental behavior,” shared an anonymous user.

22. “When you are rich, speaking multiple languages ​​is considered a sign of high quality education and culture, while poor children are ridiculed for speaking the language of their home country,” wrote another anonymous author.

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