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10 Top American Colleges with Free Tuition

The prospect of college can be both exciting and frightening, especially considering the cost of studying. Edition The Best Colleges determined the top ten of them, where you can get a degree or apply for financial assistance for the full repayment of the cost of training.

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According to the College Board, tuition often exceeds 38 000 US dollars for four-year tuition at state schools. On average, it is more than twice as expensive for students from other states. This can make higher education completely inaccessible to many applicants.

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However, some colleges and universities offer free tuition for eligible applicants. As a rule, colleges meet the needs of low-income students who can confirm their status in a particular region or state. Admission is highly competitive, and many educational institutions require students to adhere to a complex study schedule, earning their degree. Many of the colleges require students to fulfill strict obligations even after graduation. The following are the 10 of the best schools offering free college tuition in 2019:

1. College of the Ozarks

The college provides students with free education in exchange for weekly campus work. Applicants must demonstrate financial need and prove their place of residence. Preference is given to candidates who reside in the Ozarks in Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma and Kansas. After enrollment, students must work 15 hours per week and two 40-hour weeks during the school year, when there are no classes at school to get their bachelor's degree freely. The college does not participate in federal student debt relief programs. However, students may apply for Pell grants if FAFSA deems it eligible to offset the cost of tuition.

2. Berea college

Significant college funds make it possible to offer each student a scholarship for study in the amount of almost 100 000 US dollars for four years, as well as a laptop that every student can leave after graduation. The college became the first interracial educational institution in the south, where young people with different skin colors studied together. The institution is one of seven US colleges where students work. Each of them participates in the college program, working on 10-15 hours a week on one of the more than 100 available vacancies on and off campus. This allows them to earn additional funds to cover the cost of living, meals and other expenses during the school year.

3. Cooper Union

Founded in 1859 by Peter Cooper Cooper Union for the development of science and art, offers a scholarship for the full training of each student from the moment of its foundation. In this way, it helps them effectively obtain a free bachelor's degree or academic degree. However, as of the 2014-2015 academic year, each accepted student was awarded a scholarship for half tuition in the amount of approximately 20 000 dollars for each year of study. Deserved scholarships can be awarded to students with exceptional artistic abilities.

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Needs-based federal financial assistance, as well as institutional scholarships and grants, are provided to eligible students to help cover the rest of the cost of tuition, as well as living, board and other expenses.

4.Alice Lloyd College

Alice Lloyd College offers free tuition to applicants from the 108 counties of the Central Appalachian region, including residents of Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, and Tennessee. All of them should participate in the college student work program - as a condition for receiving financial support. You need to work at least 10-20 hours per week (or 160 hours per semester) on campus or in the local community.

5. Curtis Institute of Music

For students who are gifted with musical performing arts, the Philadelphia school has been offering merit-based education since the 1928 of the year. This actually makes it one of the free colleges in the country. In accordance with its mission, the institution recruits students solely on the basis of artistic merit. The Institute does not establish a minimum or maximum age for listening. After enrollment, all students are automatically granted a full scholarship, however, they must prove their financial need for additional assistance to cover living expenses through grants, loans or employment.

6. Barclay college

Kansas' main Christian institution is one of the country's free colleges. Barclay offers scholarships for full study to all students living on campus, including foreign students studying in the USA.

Students living off campus are eligible for a scholarship for tuition, covering about a third of the total cost of tuition. Additional scholarships are also available to all students seeking financial assistance to cover their expenses.

7. Webb institute

This institution is the oldest school offering exclusively US naval programs. After admission to college, students receive additional costs and are responsible for accommodation, meals, books, additional training. A one-time fee for a laptop will be required during the first year of study and can be paid in two parts. Those seeking federal assistance to cover these additional costs must complete the FAFSA to determine eligibility for a Pell grant, New York State, TAP, or Federal Direct Loan Program.

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Institutional and federal scholarships can also help students get a free bachelor's degree. Graduates are in demand in the labor market with 100% employment rate.

8. US Merchant Marine Academy

This is one of five US military academies that prepares students for careers in the maritime industry and the armed forces. The Naval Academy is unique among US military schools due to its flexible postgraduate education opportunities. While other academies require graduates to be enrolled in the US Armed Forces. Merchant Marine Academy graduates can perform their duties through private employment in the maritime or transport industry, if they so wish. As one of the few colleges that do not have tuition fees, this school does not charge students for classes, but students cover other costs such as a laptop and extra classes. However, they can apply for financial assistance to offset these training costs.

9. US Air Force Academy
A special military academy focused on preparing its students for service in the Air Force supports very competitive admission requirements. Candidates for admission must be nominated by a member of Congress or the United States Vice President. On admission, students receive a scholarship of more than 400 000 dollars. It covers the cost of tuition, accommodation and meals for all four years of study. For further free college education, it is expected that cadets will fulfill the obligation after graduation to give active service in reserve for several years.

10. CUNY Macaulay Honors College

Having the status of a resident of New York, applicants receive a full scholarship, which covers all expenses for training. In addition to this free college tuition, CUNY students can apply for benefits, including the Macaulay Opportunities Fund. It offers a separate grant of almost 7500 dollars for additional training, say abroad, or an internship. Freshmen also receive a free laptop.

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