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75% of Americans regret having graduated

Higher education is still considered in the United States as a way to higher earnings and guarantees of a prosperous life for its holders compared to those who do not. Nevertheless, two-thirds of working Americans said they regretted their degrees, according to a survey of 248 respondents.

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The student loan debt, which grew to almost 2019 trillion dollars in 1,6, was the number one reason why US residents regret getting higher education, writes CBS News. According to the PayScale project that conducted the survey, about 27% of respondents called student loans their main concern.

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About 70% of students graduated from colleges with student loan debts this year, the average amount of debt is about 33 000 dollars per student. Since those who graduated relatively recently, repay the remnants of student loans, they are trying to save money for this, often postponing the purchase of real estate. Some millennials even have problems with the purchase of products due to student debts.

And it's not just millennials. Baby boomers - children of the 40s and 60s of the last century - also take out loans for education, either to cover the costs of their children's college education, or to retrain themselves so that they can work in new automated workplaces standardized for modern working conditions. Some Americans age 62 and older use their Social Security benefits to pay off more than $ 86 billion in unpaid college tuition loans.

What people with higher education regret

Debts in the regret rating are followed by the wrong choice of specialization (12%), followed by poor networking, choice of educational institution, too many diplomas, time spent on completing education and academic lag.

Most satisfied are those who have received scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical specialties, who, as a rule, are more likely to bring a higher salary to their owner. About 42% engineering graduates and 35% graduates in computer science departments said they did not regret it.

Higher education is most often regretted by those who have mastered the humanities, who are less likely to bring higher wages after graduation. About 75% of graduate students said they regret college education. About 73% of graduates who studied social sciences, physics, and natural sciences, as well as art, said the same thing.

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Between the two categories were 66% of business school graduates, 67% of graduates who studied medical and sanitary disciplines and 68% of graduates of mathematical faculties who said they regret their education.

At least one employment sector has gone against the trend: teachers and other education professionals, who usually do not make a lot of money, are in second place after engineering professions, who have “almost no” regrets about their education. 37% of them said that they did not regret their diploma at all.

Generational difference

Older Americans more often reported that they did not regret their higher education. Among the baby boomers (1946-1964 years of birth) 51% said they did not regret going to college, which makes them the only demographic group, most of whom have no regrets about this. Only 37% of the representatives of Generation X (1965-1979 years of birth) said the same thing, and almost 29% of millennials (1980-1995 years of birth).

Millennials, who are most disappointed with their college education, are most likely to regret student loans - about 29% of them expressed this thought, while 26% of Generation X representatives regret their debt for studies and only 13% of baby boomers.

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