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30 highest paying jobs in the US

A new study has identified the 30 highest-paying jobs and professions in the United States. Yahoo talks about the salaries and opportunities of these jobs.

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High-paying jobs in the United States are largely dominated by the technology and healthcare industries. The average salary for technology professionals in the United States rose to a record high of $2021 in 104. The healthcare sector added 566 jobs in January, accounting for nearly 70% of total growth in the American workforce.

It's worth noting that healthcare remains one of the highest paying industries in the United States. How to look for work in the USA, read our article.

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Experts have identified the 30 highest-paying jobs and professions in the United States, based on research from Indeed and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They listed the highest paying jobs in ascending order of their average salary. Find out how to write a good resume from our ARTICLES.

30. Air traffic controllers

  • Average salary: $ 130 840.

Since most air traffic controller jobs only require an associate's degree and extensive long-term on-the-job training, it is one of the highest paying jobs without a college degree.

29. Senior Property Managers

  • Average salary: $ 140 477.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2022 jobs for property managers in the United States in 429. With a salary of $600, senior property managers have one of the highest paying professions in the United States.

28. Financial analysts

  • Average salary: $ 153 539.

Quantitative analysts need strong mathematical, statistical, and programming skills. They should excel in data analysis, financial modeling and risk management to succeed in their careers.

27. Machine learning engineers

  • Average salary: $ 161 382.

The demand for machine learning in the US is growing like never before. Projections indicate a need for one million such specialists by 2027. Over the next five years, this area should expand by 40%.

With an average salary of $161 and exceptional demand, machine learning engineers will have the highest paying jobs in the world in the future.

26. Lawyers

  • Average salary: $ 163 770.

The main requirement to become a lawyer in the US is to have a doctorate or professional degree. Moreover, on-the-job training is usually not required. As of 2022, there were 826 legal positions. These specialists occupy some of the highest paid positions in the world.

25. Enterprise Architecture Managers

  • Average salary: $ 168 762.

The specific skills required to pursue a career in enterprise architecture management are knowledge of enterprise frameworks (say, TOGAF), data modeling, system integration, cloud computing, software development methodologies (say, Agile), and proficiency in related tools (such as like Agile, Enterprise Architect, Visio).

24. Dentists

  • Average salary: $ 172 290.

Dentists have some of the highest paying jobs in the world.

23. Computer and information systems managers

  • Average salary: $ 173 670.

No on-the-job training required. This area offers exceptional growth potential. The projected employment forecast is 15% from 2022 to 2032. Employment is expected to increase by 86 jobs over this period, for a total of 000 jobs created in the country.

22. Pediatricians

  • Average salary: $ 203 240.

This is one of the highest paying professions in America. Moreover, Mississippi and Iowa are the states with the highest salaries for pediatricians. They earn an average of $328 and $650.

21. Nursing anesthetists

  • Average salary: $ 205 770.

As of 2022, there were 323 jobs in these areas, with projected job growth of 900% between 2022 and 2032.

20. Orthodontists

  • Average salary: $ 216 320.

Orthodontists specialize in diagnosing and treating malocclusions and oral abnormalities, and work to realign the teeth and jaws for normal function and improved appearance. California, New Jersey and New York lead the pack in employment rates, with average hourly wages ranging from $71,95 to $109,62.

19. Pilots, co-pilots and flight engineers.

  • Average salary: $ 225 740.

With an average salary of $225, these positions rank as the 740th highest paying positions in the United States. Couriers, express delivery services and scheduled airlines are the highest paying industries for these positions.

18. Gastroenterologists

  • Average salary: $ 228 619.

The average salary for a gastroenterologist in the United States is $228, making it the 619th highest paying profession in America.

17. Family doctors

  • Average salary: $ 235 930.

Interestingly, family physician is considered one of the least competitive healthcare professions in the United States.

16. Executives

  • Average salary: $ 246 440.

The earning potential of CEOs can be extremely high. The highest paid earners exceed $200 million per year. Blackstone Inc's Stephen Schwarzman earned a whopping $2022 million in 253, followed by Alphabet Inc's Sundar Pichai with $226 million. These figures explain why CEOs receive the highest salaries in the world.

15. Doctors

  • Average salary: $ 247 360.

There were approximately 2022 jobs in this area in 816, with employment forecast between 900 and 2022 at 2032%. Over the same period, employment is expected to change by 3.

14. Pathologists

  • Average salary: $ 252 850.

To become a pathologist in America, you need to earn a bachelor's degree, preferably in biology, chemistry, or anatomy, and choose to specialize in pathology. They must then take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and earn a medical degree (MD or DO), after which they must obtain a medical license, complete a pathology residency, and consider a fellowship for specialized training.

Only then will they receive certification from the American Board of Pathology, which must be maintained through continuing education. This journey usually takes between seven and twelve years.

13. Neurologists

  • Average salary: $ 255 110.

Kentucky and North Carolina are the states with the highest salaries for neurologists.

12. Psychiatrists

  • Average salary: $ 256 930.

This area is projected to grow by 12% from 2020 to 2030. This is a job with high demand and salary, it is considered very prestigious in the USA.

11. Ophthalmologists

  • Average salary: $ 267 450.

The aging population in the United States has led to an increase in the prevalence of eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. This has contributed to such a high demand for ophthalmologists in the country.

10. Obstetricians-gynecologists

  • Average salary: $ 277 320.

The demand for OB/GYNs in the United States is at a critical juncture, with a projected shortage of 2030 by 5000. There are currently approximately 50 OB/GYNs nationwide, which is not enough to meet the growing demand.

9. Anesthetists

  • Average salary: $ 302 970.

Connecticut and Hawaii are the states with the highest salaries for anesthesiologists. With an average US salary of $302, anesthesiologists rank as the 970th highest paying profession in the US.

8. Maxillofacial surgeons

  • Average salary: $ 309 410.

Given the critical nature of their work, coupled with a growing population requiring oral health care and facial reconstruction, the demand for the services of dental and maxillofacial specialists remains at an all time high.

7. Emergency doctors

  • Average salary: $ 316 600.

In May 2023, the average annual salary for emergency physicians in the United States was $316.

6. Dermatologists

  • Average salary: $ 327 650.

Dermatology residency programs are very competitive. In 2022, there were 1,53 applicants per available position.

Texas and Minnesota are the states with the highest employment rates of dermatologists.

5. Radiologists

  • Average salary: $ 329 080.

To become a radiologist in the US, you must take prerequisite college courses such as anatomy, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics and gain relevant experience. After this, you should prepare and pass the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), study for 4 years at an allopathic or osteopathic medical school, and complete an internship and residency for five years.

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Then there are board exams - main and certification - and the opportunity for additional training under a scholarship for further specialization.

4. Pediatric surgeons

  • average salary: $362.

California and Texas are the states with the highest pay for pediatric surgeons, while Michigan and New York are the states with the highest concentration of these jobs.

3. Orthopedic surgeons

  • Average salary: $ 371 400.

Orthopedic surgery is a highly competitive job. In 2022, there were 1,64 applicants per available position.

2. Cardiologists

  • Average salary: $ 421 330.

According to the American Heart Association, nearly half of all adults in the United States (approximately 121,5 million people) suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease, including high blood pressure, heart attack, heart failure, and stroke. Because heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, there is a critical need for cardiologists.

1. Neurosurgeons

  • Average salary: $ 677 301.

One of the main reasons why neurosurgeons have the highest paying jobs in the US is because their work involves highly complex, high-risk procedures that require precision and experience. According to ZipRecruiter, Oregon, Alaska and North Dakota are the states with the highest salaries for neurosurgeons.

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